Sunday, January 23, 2011

From Elise's Mom

Ya know.... sometimes you look to your children for encouragement....for strength....for leadership. Ours have given us that and much, much more, especially during the last few weeks.

Elise texted me a couple of days ago so she could add to the blog. Told her I went to Target with Grandma and Karlee and ran into two wonderful women I knew from the Stake. The love and excitement about did my heart in, especially as one of them whispered to her young son, "This is the Lady we've been praying for." And then he was fascinated.

Elise is always on top of things (as are her children, on top of "things"; new ideas, experiments and "what happens if we...?").

And when she hadn't posted to her blog for a few days, I'm thinking, she's taking a well-deserved break or out with their Carlsbad, NM friends they love so much. After all....I really do know that "it isn't all about me!"

Got a call this afternoon from her for her physician father. She has a 105.6 fever. Has for a few days. She didn't want to worry me. Another unselfish action. Last time she had a fever that high it accompanied seizures. She was checked into the University of Virginia Hospital and EKG tested and told not to let her get a fever that high again.

So hear I hours away....praying she goes to the hospital.....praying Weston will take a bottle for the first time from someone who loves him.....praying the girls will put their experiments and new ideas on hold until their mom gets better.

Why does the heart get so involved in all the affections of the family?  As Brittany would say,  "AUGH!!!!!"


  1. It's okay, Mom. Elise is just being silly. She'll be fine. She has to know that none of us can handle anymore right now!!

  2. So good to hear from you, Betsy. We are so grateful to Elise for her keeping us up to date. She now will be in our prayers, too. We got our weekly email from Trevor and he too has been praying for you from Mexico. He was releaved to hear you are home. He recounted several fond memories of you and being in your home. Love from the Carvers. :)

  3. You know Elise, it's not just your mom we love. You'll be in our prayers! Kick that fevors b*tt!!! : )

  4. Feel better soon, Lise! Geez. Eat lots of popsicles. Love you.

  5. Great to hear from you, Betsy. You've reached celebrity status:) Take care.

  6. Reason #1,349 why Elise needs to live in the DFW area. Just sayin'.

    (Someone told me that if you are from the South, you can say "Just sayin'" or "Bless her heart" ... and say anything you want, no matter how insensitive it is, and get away with it. :D I'm following that rule now.)

  7. Elise - we can't handle another REAL sicko - take good care of yourself! Chrystalee (above) said it best. Hope you have fabulous VTers and friends there to help.

    Betsy - so happy you're feeling well enough to go to Target! That sounds like progress!

    Love to all! LWA

  8. SERIOUSLY?!?! How much can a family take??? "Just Sayin" My love and prayers continue to ALL of you!!!!

  9. Yah Betsy, like Brent said you are as famous as Jimmer Fredette is right now. Glad to see you are up and at um a little bit. We are praying for you here in Manti and now we will add Elise to the prayers. Doesn't she know that Mom's are not allowed to be sick....

  10. Betsy! Hello-we sure have been thinking of you the last few weeks. Our family has been praying for you. My 6 year old Sarah has been very concerned for you. Sunday she is going to give a talk on the power of prayer-We are so Thankful you are doing better! There are so many people that love you-all over the World! We love Elise too-hope she is feeling better.

  11. Hi Betsy,
    Still thinking about you - hope you're still improving. Lance and family

  12. Elise, please forward to your mother, our best wishes. I sent a card off to her and it was returned! Wrong address. I sent it to "8729 Havant Lane". It was the address we have from Elloit's mission. I assumed it was a home address. Your mom has been in our thoughts and prayers for several weeks. We appreciate you keeping up your blog with news of her progress. Please let her know we send our thoughts, prayers and love her way.
    Tamara and Ben Banks
    ps, tell Elliot to send your mom's address to me. Thank you!