Monday, January 17, 2011

Not. Again.

Mom is home. I am relieved. It's always nicer to sleep in your own bed no matter how wonderful the nurses and food are at the five star Baylor Heart Center.

Unfortunately, about five minutes ago, we got this text from dad:
We are home. What a relief. But we've already had a yellow flag. Mom, Gma, and I were sitting in the family room watching TV. Mom said she had to go to the bathroom, so she got up and left. A couple seconds later, we heard a sickening thump. I jumped off the couch and found her in the hall, by the blanket closet, coming back to consciousness. She had a full on, board certified syncopal episode. She got a big goose egg on her head. I immediately put her on the telemetry unit bro Dalebout set up. No changes. She just passed out from the same orthostatic mechanism that she has always had. Thank goodness for the EKG. If we hadn't had that, we might be loading her into an ambulance right now.   We were all seduced into complacency because of the comfort of being home. We have to remember she is still really an ICU patient.  I gave her a rule to count to ten each time she changes from lying to sitting or from sitting to standing. 
Seriously. The woman is begging to go back to the hospital. Sheesh.

Dad continues...
You guys will never know how glad I am that so much help is around. Sister Scholl called to offer us Costco booty, since she was going, brothers Dalebout and Fry set up the EKG with telemetry and internet access last night, the house was spotless because of Gma and a bunch of ladies from the church here this morning and weekend. I could go on and on.  Bro Dalebout said something interesting that I could relate to. When someone falls ill, the church rallies, and "bubblewraps" the person, and there's nothing for most to do to help. So it's nice to have something to do, meaning the monitoring help. You guys can relate to that.
Anyway, mom is resting now. Nursing her goose egg. I'm really glad we are not sitting in an ER right now.  Also, we talked to Gpa, invited him down soon. He said probably. So we will hopefully have a visit from Gpa soon. Hope you guys are well. Talk to you all soon.
Thank you all so much for the help. We are grateful for the help from our church. And we are also so very grateful for the many many many of you who are not members of our church who are doing so very much to help and show your love. Your prayers and happy thoughts have worked miracles. And apparently we still need them. Prayers and happy thoughts that is. We are not begging for anything else!


  1. I was packing up getting ready to fly back to Texas. I'm glad we were able to keep up with Betsy's progress while here is Miami. I will be glad to get back home and glad that Betsy is home too.

    Best to all.


  2. Except for the goose egg on her head this is the best news we could have received today! Welcome home to you Betsy! Our prayers will keep coming for your continued progress.
    We love you all.

  3. Ya know here in Texas we would lay a nice thick cold steak on that there goose egg... need one?

    Oh Betsy, please heed the wise counsel of your hubby and count to 10 for your poor head's sake! Slow and easy wins the race. :)



  4. Thank you, thank you for keeping us posted. I love your blog Elise. Talk to you soon.

  5. So glad to hear Betsy is home. Home sweet home!!! We love you guys! We are praying for a fast and full recovery! The Meldrums