Friday, January 14, 2011

My poor mom

My mom is still hurting. I should emphasize that while she does have broken ribs, most of her pain stems from complications she's experiencing from previous surgeries. We are hopeful that the pain subsides quickly.

I say this because my mom is tough. Anytime she's sick she showers, gets ready for the day, and acts normally because she's sure it speeds up recovery. This is a woman who walked herself to the hospital in labor, and who made nary a noise during delivery. So when I heard her whimper while talking to her on the phone today, it was kind of scary. I hope things get better soon.

I am happy to say that her release date is still looking like Monday. She can't wait to leave. I can't say I blame her.

In the meantime, I spent the morning trying to find a way out of the house while the floors were being cleaned. I drove around for an hour until I ended up at Barnes and Noble where I found myself hefting a baby carrier, carrying a large diaper bag, and failing miserably in my attempts to wrangle two loud and energetic children while traveling up the escalator. It only got worse when I went to check out and dropped an armful of homeschooling material at the cashier station. (I have been planning on homeschooling Grace next year.) The woman eyed me skeptically. I'm pretty sure we were thinking the same thing. That I should just place those homeschooling books back where I found them, run myself and my children back to our car and pretend it never happened.

But I bought them anyway. The cashier handed Grace a bag of books and said, "You look like you're a good helper."

Grace grabbed the bag of books and said, "Not really," and asked me if I would trade her bags so she could have the light one.

And that is why I am not even being considered to be the one taking care of my mom. Unless any of you are aware of a very reasonably priced boarding school for exceptionally young children.


  1. Not only do I look forward to finding out how Betsy is doing, but you are just plain funny! I love your sense of humor. (Gee, wonder where you got it from?!?!?) Homeschooling is totally great and totally horrible all at the same time! GOOD LUCK!!! : )

  2. You're so funny. I feel so bad for your poor mom. She seems like such a tough woman. I hope she heals quickly and that she can indeed come home on monday. Being stuck in the hospital is so hard.

  3. Elise,
    We're almost out of children here, so feel free to drop yours off for a couple of years. Room and board are free, but the home schooling is extra. (It's actually weird to have only one child at home after all these decades!)

    BTW, I did homeschool for a couple of years and loved the results; it was strenuous but fun. Gotta love Grace's comment!

    Keep your chin up, as my nana would say. Hugs and kisses to you all.

    Bonnie Ellsworth

  4. Elise, we gotta come up with a plan to keep her heart from getting excited while she watches BYU Football. I mean, how will she ever watch another game again? Second ONLY to her family, BYU football gets her going more than anything else. We may have to have her sedated a bit before she can watch in the future?? :O)

  5. Elise!! Why didn't you bring your girls over here??? So glad that Betsy is doing better and will hopefully be home very soon!

  6. Elise,
    I have been following all the information that you have been sharing. Thank you for keeping us all so informed, while taking care of your Mom, your Dad, your own little children and the rest of your family. I really don't know how you are doing it. We send our love to you and all of your family and we continue to keep your Mom and all of the family in our prayers.
    Love, Garth and Rita Jackson (Gig Harbor friends)

  7. Karlee said I need to talk to you sometime about homeschooling. Isaac is the same age as Grace. Well all of our kids are the same age I think :)

    You feel free to bring them over to my house to play anytime. That's the one thing I feel bad about homeschooling. Lack of friends around. . . I don't feel too bad yet seeing as he is five.

    Anyway we need to talk sometime. Really if you need any help at all LET.ME.KNOW.

    ps. How funny you lived in gig harbor. My best friend lives there. Just such a small world in the mormon world!

  8. Sweet Elise, your blog is wonderfully written; a beautiful blend of life and the unexpected that always comes with it. Most importantly, though, it has become our "lifeline" to Betsy, your beautiful "Princess Di" lookalike mom, my 2nd mom in 4th grade. Thank you for the updates. We are talking about all of you and thinking of you all constantly. We know you will make it through this difficult time as an even stronger family, something we never thought could be possible! :) Much love to you all! Love, Megan (McDade) Whitehouse

  9. Elise. Next time, you just come over here. I'm sure there will always be something we can sit at the table and cut out while we chat. Xoxo.

  10. Elise, you are so great! I love your humor and your wonderful words. I would love to help out with your kids if you ever need it!

    Kimberly Mac Donagh

  11. And tonight is a good one. I don't hurt quite as much. I feel hopeful. Karl and I haven't spent this much time together since our honeymoon, although that was more fun, this is much more endearing. Our kids still have a sense of humor. And I really didn't believe people when they said they could feel the faith and prayers of friends and family in their behalf, quite like I do now. I'll never doubt that miracle again. THANK YOU!!!!

  12. Thank you Elise for keeping us in touch with your mother we love so much! Thanks for taking the time, it mesns so much You have a great way of adding of humor to life... I love it! You are fabulous in every way!

    Betsy- you keep taking care and KNOWING these prayers are for you... You are loved. You look beautiful in your pictures! ... And all while in the hospital... Wow! All our love!

  13. Though a stranger to your mother, I feel her strength and yours through this difficult ordeal. We have been praying for you and you family. I am impressed by your delightful sense of humor in difficult times. You, Elise, are remarkable.