Sunday, January 9, 2011


My deep apologies for the delayed update. I keep getting distracted by people wanting updates. :) I will tell them to check the blog from now on so I can get information out as much as possible.

Mom has been resting today. She is more heavily sedated than yesterday in measures to keep her heart calm and rested and to bring it out of distress.

This morning Mom said she wanted a blessing from Elliot and Jay. At about noon, they went to her room to give her a blessing and to deliver the sacrament to her. Dad had been preparing her for the visit, but as they arrived, her heart went into tachycardia and they had to leave. The very positive news about this episode is that she did not fibrillate. She was able to calm down enough before it happened. That feels like progress.

We are not able to see her right now, but we are getting occasional updates from our dad who will not leave her side.

She has expressed a strong desire to live. This is an immense relief. Mom's early death has been a fear we children have felt for many years. It is a relief to know that she wants to stay with us. And we are hopeful she will.

Thank you for your notes of love. I will make sure she gets them. You may continue to send them. I will let you know of her response as she becomes able to hear them.

I must also say that your notes to her (as we have been receiving them) are of great comfort to me, my dad, my siblings, her siblings, and her parents. Knowing how much you love her and are praying for her is an indescribable blessing to US. Those thoughts of help and hope lift us. THANK YOU. We want to talk to you individually, but that is currently a logistical challenge. We hope the Spirit conveys to you an overwhelming sense of our gratitude, since we are limited by imperfect words to express its depth and scope. We cannot describe the power your thoughts and words and news of your prayers have had in lifting us into hope. We love you. And thank you.

Those of you attempting to reach us without blogs or Facebook can do so at eliseneville(at)gmail(dot)com.


  1. Elise,
    I love the updates so thank you. I love hearing Betsy's thoughts. I am amazed at how much this resembles my situation last year. My mom had a stroke in February while we were all out to eat together. This stroke revealed she had an atrial myxoma or a tumor in her heart. Me and my 6 brothers always feared she would leave us to soon. I was so relieved to see her express a strong desire to live and be with us. She had open heart surgery last year in that very hospital with Dr. Bowman. Your mom was one of the few people that I discussed my fears with concerning my mom. She was an incredible source of comfort to me as she would talk to your Dad about medical stuff and relay that to me. I feel for you, Brittany, Elliott, Jay, and Karlee as I have been there. You are doing an amazing job during this time of being so strong! Keep it up!
    I am sorry to comment so much. I just really think so much of your mom, dad, and your whole family!

  2. Thanks for every update Elise. We're so anxious for any news. Love, Leanne

  3. I'm so glad to hear that she is doing a little better. The Carvers are still praying for your family. I know the Lord is watching over your family and I'm glad you're feeling that sense of hope and peace that comes with it. :)

  4. Our thoughts and pryers are with your mother and all the Estes Family. She is in our prayers.
    The ET Clark Family

  5. Thank you, Elise, for communicating so openly. This could be kept quiet and private, but there is so much deep love for your Mom in the world that I'm sure many people appreciate your candor as much as I do. When I was in SVT (while visiting you, oddly enough), I could communicate fine, but would not talk to Nick on the phone because I could feel what emotion could do to my arythmia. I know that was just a shadow of her condition.

    Reflecting this deeply on Betsy and fasting for her has caused me to resolve to be more like her. Thank her for her example.

  6. Betsy and family,
    I have been reflecting on all the times Betsy just happened to show up at our door just when it was most needed. Last New Years day was one of those days. She dropped by to say hi and was one of the last people to see my mother before she passed away early the next morning. Betsy showed up at 4:30 a.m. January 2nd to take my sister to the airport on slick ice covered roads.
    She is an angel and we love her so so much. Our prayers are with all of you all day every day. Thanks for the updates we appreciate it tons!
    Lots of Love,
    Marianna and Ken Taylor family

  7. I'm so glad for your updates. The whole Morley fmaily is praying for Betsy and all your family. We loved getting to know all of you and miss you now that we are in California. Betsy is such a wonderful person you just want to be around her. Send her our love when you can. Tori Morley

  8. Thank you for the updates Elise, we are relieved to have a ready source of information as to your mothers condition.
    We fervently hope for and have been praying for her recovery. Please pass our love and encouragement on to your father and to the rest of your family. Love, Lance, Corinne and family

  9. Betsy, the instant we first met(when you moved to Gig Harbor) I knew we would be close friends. Anyone with teeth that "white" is a friend of mine.(Brittany) Anyway, I adore you, Karl, and your family and pray mightily for your quick and complete recovery. I know you are so loved by your Heavenly Father and He will care for you at this critical time.

    I love you,
    Pat Sleater

  10. Like, I'm sure, most of the people following this situation, much of my quiet time is spent in thoughts of Betsy. Much of the time I begin to laugh - that's just who she is. Laughter. Every so often while driving I get the urge to stick my non driving foot up on my dash and just drive around that way. I remember Betsy driving around Gig Harbor in the Previa that way. I remember thinking how weird and uncomfortable that looked, but when I got my license and tried it - I realized she was on to something. Random memories come to mind. Like, the first time I had German Pancakes was at your house and now whenever I make them, I think of you guys. Also, anytime I hear the song Reunited, I think of Betsy and Karl.
    All of this thinking just reminds me of how much I love Betsy and Karl and the whole family. It has been a pleasure knowing you all and I look forward to much laughter in the future.

    Love, Joey (Jordan Sleater Shields)

  11. I keep thinking of all the things Betsy taught me while she was our Young Women's president. Here are a few:

    *When you make a batch of cookie dough, bake a dozen and freeze the rest of the dough in little balls. Then you can bake a dozen little balls of frozen dough and have fresh cookies every couple of days (or just eat frozen cookie dough...).

    *Just because someone takes you on a date doesn't mean they can kiss you. You're worth waiting for.

    *A whisper can often be heard more clearly than a shout.

    *The Spirit comes more readily to a clean, organised house.

    *If someone is under your stewardship, a part of their salvation is your responsibility. Even if you are only the second counselor in the Laurel class presidency.

    *Betsy was also the person who made sure I got my patriarchal blessing (I mean walked me to the bishop's office and said, "Kathryn is here to get a recommend for her patriarchal blessing") when no one else had thought to bring it up.

    All that is a wordy way of saying that she influences every day the kind of person and mother I try to be.

    Thanks, Betsy.