Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another good reason for a resident doctor.

My mom is still practically passing out every time she stands up. But she can stand. And that is progress.

In other news, her doctor prescribed her a medication. Well, he prescribed several. But the thing about this one is that our friends at the pharmacy substituted it for another medication they had handy. Problem with this substitution is that it strips the body of potassium. (You know--one of those electrolyte elements that contributed to the heart stopping problem in the first place.) Yeah. Not cool. Dad had a nice chat with them, adding, "an error like this could've killed her."



  1. So glad Karl decided to stay home for a week! Work out all the bugs! Yes, I realize I'm singing to the choir. Just sounding off. So glad you decided to go to medical school Karl. So happy about so many things!
    Prayers still heading out your way because we love you.

  2. Betsy, I am happy to hear you are home. But, sorry you are having problems with the syncopy. You are still in our prayers. Trevor sends his love and prayers from Mexico. He was very concerned and had to go a whole week until the next update. But, is pleased as we are that you are improving. (he comes home in 7 weeks, yeah) All our love, The Carvers