Tuesday, January 11, 2011

To avoid confusion.

It has come to my attention that some of you only know my mom, Betsy. Maybe just my dad, Karl. Or one of us kids. My dad suggested that I post a photo of our family for our friends so it is apparent who I am talking about.

Thank you so much for caring, praying, and helping even if you only know us a little.

The photo below was taken at the wedding of Elliot (Betsy's son) and Lilian this August. Its main failure is that it excludes two family members: Jay (who was serving a mission and returned this December), and Weston (my son who was born one week after this photo was taken).
[click to enlarge]

So. Here's a photo of Jay the day he returned from his mission (he served in Pittsburgh).

Here's Weston (who was also posted about yesterday).

Also. Looks like we get to see her today! That means I'll post more pictures. Promise.


  1. I know this has nothing to do with your Mom, who I'm still constanting thinking about and praying for, but I can't believe you are 9 months pregnant in that picture. You brat.

  2. Just wanted your family to know that all the Snows are praying for your Mom and your entire family!

  3. We are praying for all of you; having lost my mom when I was 15, I appreciate and honor the love of a mother for her family and for that family for their mother. May Heavenly Father hold you all in His Hands during this very difficult time. And we will pray for Betsy's quick recovery.