Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Identity Crisis

I mix up my girls' names. I do it almost every time I use one of their names. Sometimes I look straight at Claire, call her Grace (or vice versa) and don't even realize I've made a mistake. And then I wonder why they look at me blankly while I keep repeating the wrong name.

I didn't realize the effect my thoughtlessness was having.

The other day I was cleaning the house (because that's all I ever seem to be doing) and casually asked, "Claire, what are you doing?" I could hear her and Grace on the top bunk making a ruckus.

Claire responded, "I'm just helping Claire make her bed. I mean, Grace."

I went into my room and laughed. And then felt guilty.

Since I have my own child calling her sister her own name, my problem may be a little out of hand, maybe.

Monday, March 19, 2012

A Busy Book Project

I don't sew. At all. I don't think it's fun, I don't think it saves me money. So I don't do it.

And that makes making a busy book hard.

I considered making laminated velcro busy books. But, I want to use my book at Church. And doesn't it seem like that would be loud?

So one day I was browsing Pinterest and found this gal who has made a magnetic busy book. Perfect solution, right? Problem is, she doesn't go into great detail about how she has done it. After experimenting a little, I realize that I'm going to have to make some adjustments. I'll share my progress if any of you are interested.

Anyway, I have started making my own pages. Seriously. Non-creative, non-artistic me has started producing original busy book pages. Aren't you impressed?!

Try to ignore the fact that I did no freehanding and just used the shape tools in Photoshop.

Still. It took me a lot of time. So I thought I would share. If anybody actually ends up using it, I can tell you how to print and use your own images and put it together.

Okay. The end.

Annoucing page #1: Family Tree.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Not an artist.

Last night my sister-in-law was asking me why I don't use Pinterest (hi Lorraine!). I told her I found it overwhelming. And I spend too much time on the computer anyway. But she made a compelling argument that she uses Pinterest to enhance her playtime with her kids. They spend time together making crafts and such.

So I thought I'd give Pinterest another shot.

Surprisingly, I found it less time consuming than I'd thought. I spent one hour while the kids were in bed (still a lot, but not all day like I was afraid of) pinning a million things. And my plan is to just do those things. One by one.

Today we made mini-books. With watercolors.

I sat Claire down to do this, watched her for a few minutes, stood at the sink to do some dishes, and then thought, "To heck with the dishes. I wanna make one."

So I did.

I am not an artist. (As you can see.) But I had fun. And Claire is pretty much totally in love with this silly thing.

Instructions on making a mini book can be found here: http://stamphenge.wordpress.com/minibooks/one-sheet-folded-minibook/