Tuesday, August 13, 2013

With a plastic bat to boot.

Weston [approaches Brad, sleeping on the couch.]: I'm Batman. I have to FIGHT YOU!

Brad: No... You don't fight me. I'm a nice guy.

Weston [angrily incredulous]: Are you Kidding me?!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Things we did

We've been busy with house stuff and cleaning stuff (although never seeming to make any progress), but we do fun stuff too. And I think me and my kids should remember that stuff too. So here are some things we did last week:

The kids and I changed the rear blinker on the F150. Never done that before.

I made dinner with Rose on my hip. I do that a lot. Well, whenever I make dinner, which turns out to be not that often, actually.

We fed Rose her first lasagna (a dinner gifted me by a sweet friend who knows first-hand the dinnerlessness of house building).

We Wii bowled.

Brad's brother came to visit and we toured the caverns. I carried Rose in my trusty Moby, and for about 20 minutes or so, I held a very fussy Weston too. Sometimes I think I could have made it as a pioneer. And then Brad reminds me how whiney I've been during the housebuilding ordeal... And I change my mind.

We said goodbye to some of our dear Carlsbad friends who will be moving to Rexburg, ID. Can't blame them. Hard to pass up a professorship at BYU-I.