Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I came home from the hospital last night and crashed on the couch and didn't wake up until 9. And I left my camera at the hospital. So much for promises about pictures.

But there are additional pictures from our previous visit. I'll post those.

In the video post, someone mentioned they were surprised at how quiet and calm it was in the room. It definitely was. She couldn't speak above a whisper.

Last night when we went to visit, she looked much better! It is so obvious to us that your prayers and thoughts on her behalf are so helpful to her. She seems increasingly able to express emotion. Of course, she's still not laughing and joking, but she is speaking louder and smiling more. At one point, Brittany said her heart looked stressed, and then she became worried. She closed her eyes, laid very still, and began breathing deeply. Her incentive to avoid defibrillation is very high because it's so painful. Turns out though, that me and Brittany can't actually read those heart monitors very well (imagine that) and it took Dad to tell her that she was actually just fine.

Last night I asked Dad about the plan. Her doctors have begun to wean her off the drugs and today she will be coming off Lidocaine. We'll see how she does with that and then they'll start taking her off the others. Based on her response, she may be able to go home this weekend. They will still consider surgery after that. It depends on how she does at home.

Finally, we also know now that Mom is drinking too much water. Apparently that is possible for someone who carries around a Hawaiian Falls gallon jug and drinks a gallon a day. It's causing her to lose electrolytes. From now on she gets to drink Gatorade.

Here are some pictures from our previous visit.


  1. Priceless. Those grandkids are surely good therapy. Such a blessing to see you smile, Bets. Much love, Kathleen

  2. Could anyone be more loved than a grandma? LOVE the photos and LOVE LOVE LOVE to see that golden smile on her face!! I must check your blog a dozen times a day. I'm so genuinly happy that the tide seems to be turning and her improvement has continued. All my love to you Elise and your family. This makes me realize how much we truly NEED to gather and catch up. Wished I had with your parents this summer when I was so close. My prayers will continue:) XOXOXO

  3. We are so thankful she is doing better. Betsy, you have been in our prayers and I can't stop thinking about you. I keep having memories of girls camp, little league games, and on and on. And they are all good fun memories. I can hear you laugh. You are loved by so many people. We are all so grateful to Elise for keeping us updated.
    Love, LuAnn Carver

  4. This is totally a sight for sore eyes!! YEA BESS!!! Tell her how awesome she is ... and that she needs to bring her irreverent flaming yellow bag back to church. Love her! And you!! xoxo.

  5. Wow, these pictures are so cute and so encouraging. Here's hoping the worst is over and that it only gets better from here. We are all so relieved. We love you all!
    Marilyn and family

  6. Such sweet pictures. I'm so glad she is improving.

  7. Elise,
    Thank you so much for being so diligent in keeping everyone updated on your mom. These pictures are so beautiful.

    We will pray for her continued healing and hope that she will be able to come home soon!

    Lisa Jameson

  8. That brought tears to my eyes seeing your mom with her grandbabies. I'm so glad she's getting better and stronger each day. And thanks, Elise, for all the informative updates. I've had Jason read everything and "translate" for me. It's a miracle that your mom is getting better. Love you so much. Wish I could be there to help you and/or your family somehow.

  9. I'm so glad she's improving. Thanks for all the updates Elise.

  10. I have to agree there isn't anything more healing then your grandkids.
    Today I kept Betsy's and my Temple date. She was to pick me up at 6:15 am. Instead I went alone. Really I wasn't alone becuase Today I went for Betsy and I. I Put her name in the Temple. I felt her spirit with me the whole time I was in the Temple. Thank your mother for me for the great example she has been to me since Junior High. We have had some great memories over the years. But the thing I have really cherished is the reconnection of our friendship since I moved to Dallas and us going to the Temple together. Mostly her concern for me and how she can serve me. I know everyone feels this about Betsy. But I thank her for being there for me and making me feel important. Get better Betsy soon so we can go to the Temple again together.Love you Betsy

    P.S. Keep the update coming! :)

  11. This is incredible news! The pics with the grandkids speak volumes! The possibility that Betsy will come home this weekend (even if it takes longer) is unbelievably fabulous! With Karl there following her like a puppy dog (how can he not?) she'll be in good hands!
    Continued prayers and love from California, Leanne

  12. Sweet, sweet pictures. Thanks so much for sharing.

  13. So glad to here good news. You are in our prayers and the prayer rolls of the Portland Temple. Love, Uncle Jerry and Aunt Julia