Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Tough Day.

In her own words, "Today was a bad day."

That's how it is, I guess. A couple steps forward, a step or two back.

She specifically requested that I tell you how desperately she wishes to respond to you. Last night at about two o'clock in the morning she was up reading your comments. She was so moved by your words that she began to type. And then her nurse came in. She asked what Mom was doing that was making her heart go crazy. And so she had to put the computer away. She expressed to me that she would be responding to each of you individually at this moment if it were possible. She is so grateful. I thank you.

Today I found out that she won't be home before Monday. They may push it back further depending on her progress. I learned that she will need help and monitoring for considerable time following her return home. I'm not sure how long that will be. We are blessed to have her mom, Grandma Glennda (the good witch of the North, we call her) here to help. I so wish I could be here to help her indefinitely. My kids are just too darn noisy. We may actually have to stay away to help her heal.

I have to express my gratitude here for the people who have watched my "little terrorists" so I can be with my mom. I am so very grateful. Thank you. You have blessed me so much.

Below are the pictures I promised.

The following are from yesterday.

This is from tonight. She's in more pain than she was yesterday.
Again. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your love and your friendship. Thank you for everything.


  1. I am so grateful for these updates! I check your blog so many times a day hoping to hear more about how Betsy is doing. So thank you, Elise, for being so diligent and updating your blog.
    I am kind of relieved to hear that she will be staying longer in the hospital. At least in the hospital she will have the best care and monitoring until this thing is figured out if possible. I have no doubt Betsy wants to be home as well as her family wants her there. I hope that happens soon. Until then, Betsy,love the hair! I am disappointed to know you are not blond!:)

  2. What a relief to see Betsy beginning to look more like Betsy. Seeing her in her glasses made me smile and I loved the matching outfits of Karl and Betsy! They both look good in blue!!! : ) We are still praying and know that the Lord is ever vigilant to your family at this time.

  3. I leave to visit my Dad today in Miami. I keep up with you all on this blog. It is great and I am grateful to you for doing this. I will check it daily and when I get home next week hopefully Betsy will be too. I want to help in any way I can. Please call 972-335-6752.

  4. Thanks for posting the one picture of me without makeup. 'preciate it!

  5. wait that doesn't look like gatorade in that bottle :)

  6. Betsy -- I am praying for you daily, and am anxiously reading the updates from your sweet daughter. I send you many sincere hugs, and will save my normal wisecracks and laughter for later. :) You do NOT need to respond to this e-mail...just get better! Love, Kristen Hudson

  7. Betsy, how does one go through so much and still look so beautiful? It's just not right, but if any one could pull that off it would be you. I am so relieved to see pictures of you sitting up, smiling, looking at your computer etc. Watching this whole thing has been such a faith building experience. I have been fasting and praying fervently for you as well as the rest of my family. Even Brenner, through copying my words, blessed "tetsy" last night. It has been so touching to see the love Karl and the kids have for you and to see them serving you. We could all learn from that. Elise, thank you for keeping up with the postings so we can all feel a part of your mom's recovery and know how she is doing. I find myself running to the computer a few times a day just to see if there are any updates. Betsy, we all love you and want you to get better and get home soon. Keep resting and take care of yourself.
    Lots of love,
    (and the rest of the Ellison clan)

  8. HI Betsy! I recognize the jammies. They are very flattering for you. You and your family have been in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Ray has been very concerned for "his other mom" and I for my friend! We love you and pray that your pain will subside and you will be able to return home soon. Keep your chin up, you are such an inspiration.
    All our love, Margaret, Willis and Ray

  9. Elise, you are so much like your mom. I can tell just by reading your blog without knowing you personally. I am so thankful that you've been updating your blog and allowing all of us to read it and be informed. I love your gratitude and sense of humor- you can tell you love the Lord by your happy disposition- just like your momma. Betsy, you are in my prayers and will remain there as well as your family. You have touched so many people's lives! Your strength is amazing. I love you. You are not alone!

  10. Love the pictures Elise! And wow, Brittany, wish I looked so beautiful with no makeup. :) Love to see your family rallying around and doing everything possible to lift your mom's spirits! I can only imagine how you've totally impressed the hospital staff and shown them what a true family is all about. Betsy, I spent some time in the temple today and offered a prayer for you and your family while in the celestial room. The book I received from you kept coming into my mind "All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience" and oh, what an experience...
    Love to you,

    p.s. Elise, I would LOVE to watch your cute children tomorrow if you would like me to?