Sunday, January 9, 2011

From my Dad:

We children received this text early this morning and he asked us to pass it on.
Betsy had a good night. No ectopy to speak of. Last shock by defib was 11pm Saturday night. She's responsive now, asking for food. She obviously benefits from a quiet environment. I know she would love to visit with any and all, but it is literally life threatening right now. Any emotional stimulation sensitizes her heart to catecholamines that put her into lethal arrythmias.  Will update you as she becomes stable enough to receive visits. Thank you so much for the love you have shown her and our family.  Her medical situation is somewhat unique. Usually people with this extent of problems with rhythm have serious cardiomyopathies [heart muscle disease] or coronary artery disease [clogged arteries]. She has neither. Her heart is quite strong, and her coronary arteries are clean as can be.  We are not sure why she's this way, but are hopeful that with a little time, she can return to a nearly normal life.
If you want to offer support to my mom, your prayers are doing it. But you can also comment on my blog or send me a facebook message to her. We will be compiling those today (and additional times throughout her hospitalization) and giving them to dad to read to her. I know she appreciates your love.


  1. Betsy, we Have ward conference today and I was so looking forward to seeing you as I don't get to as often as I would like. You are one of the most amazing woman that I know! You are in my every thought and prayers during this time! I love you and I am so grateful to your family for their continual updates. If anyone can pull through this and life a full and vibrant life, it will be YOU!

  2. Betsy and family,
    I know you are aware of the hundreds who are fasting and praying for you right now - please use that combined strength to help your heart heal! We need Betsy Winters in our lives. You are such an amazing friend, mom, grandma, and example to me. I have told several people these last 3 days that I don't know anyone else who has such a solid testimony and understanding of who she is and what is required of her. Rest and heal my dear friend, we need your light in our lives for many years to come!
    love to you and your sweet family,

  3. Betsy:
    I can't imagine a world without Betsy Winters in it. Your laugh is one of my favorites of ALL time and I can't wait to hear it again (it makes me smile to think of it!). You inspire me and I feel encouraged to do better and be better when I'm around you. We are fasting and praying for you today - for that good heart of yours to continue to be strong and for your good family to be comforted and strengthened as they support you through this. Stay strong, friend! Our love to you and Karl and the kids.
    Meredith Smith

  4. Betsy,
    Through the amazing interent we are all able to keep updated on your progress. So many are thinking of you and praying for you, including us. You are an incredible woman who loves the Lord. Get stronger so you can accomplish all the Lord has for you to do.
    Love and Prayers,
    Bill and Dorothy

  5. Sis. Winters,
    I have to giggle when I think of when I met you. I was over at your house for a 'get-together' with the wollochet crew and you walked out in your pajamas and Brittany had told you to go put something on and you laughed and said, "this is what I concieved Elise in." and then laughed as you went back to your room. :) We are sending prayers your way for a swift recovery. much love,
    Sarah (Parks)

  6. Elise, I've been so out of the loop. I'm sick reading this - I adored your Mom when I was little.

    I remember thinking she was one of the most beuatiful Moms I'd even seen and I wanted to "look" like her :)

    I'm calling my Mom to fill her in, all our prayers. All of them.

  7. I couldn't wait to get home from church to see if there updates. Thanks, Elise for that. We are so happy things are looking better. We have been praying and keeping her in our thought. He name is in the Columbia Temple. Bill & LuAnn

  8. Elise,
    I pray the Lord's richest blessings upon you and you family in your time of need. Your mother is a woman of great faith and knowledge. Have faith in the Lord. Have faith in yourself. Have faith in the future. All will be well.

    Much Love,

    Bishop Jenkins

  9. Winters Family,

    We are steadfastly praying for your family. Betsy, upon hearing this, I burst into tears, you are one of the strongest women I know, both spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I have watched you from afar for years, and aspire to be the Saint that you show the example to be. You are truly a person that shows true Charity, I see in you that everlasting love of Christ. I pray you will get better, and through you we are all blessed to pray more fervently than before. You have touched all our lives for the better, you are an instrument in his hand. Through you, Heavenly Father has his children talking to him, and pleading for your return to health quickly. We love you, Melissa Clark

  10. Dear Betsy, If ever I was to be a stalker, Scott says I’d be your stalker. You’ve been such an example to me of not only a spiritual daughter but one that is full of humor and zest. I adore you and hopefully have adequately concealed my desire to rub you into my soul. : ) Scott says that’s kind of creepy. I’ve told many that you are who I want to be when I finally grow up! I’m trying but apparently I’m a slow learner. More mighty prayers are being said for you than you’ll ever comprehend and you have to do your part now. You have to make that ornery heart of yours yield and obey what the doctors are telling you. Besides, we have a date that I’m willing to postpone but not for any longer than a year! : ) You are continually in my prayers and heart. I’ve entered your name in the Dallas Temple and my parents have entered it in the Palmyra Temple. I love you!!! Chrystalee

  11. Looking out the back window and holding you close. Bonnie

    PS First thing John said this morning was, "How is Betsy?"

  12. Elise: Thanks so much for an update about your folks. We lived in Federal Way for 28 years and somehow lost track of them when they moved to Texas. We loved them very much. Please know that your mom is in our prayers. I know what AFIB is all about!! Do you have an e-mail addresses so we can communicate with you? We don't do Face book or Blogs. Our love to you all. Dean & Maureen Holmes

  13. Betsy, you have always been an amazing example to me. I miss seeing your always smiling face and hearing your awesome laugh :) I'm so grateful for all that you do. Especially how you talk to me like we're best friends, always asking how I'm doing, genuinely concerned. You are like my mom away from home!! You are in my prayers many, many times a day! Thank you for all that you have done and will continue to do!!
    Jessica Withers

  14. Our dearest Betsy and Karl. Two voices from the past in Bellevue. We have always loved and respected both of know that. Please know also that you are both in our prayers. We are asking for the power of the Priesthood to heal Betsy and for that same power to give strength to Karl and the family. So many here in the northwest know and love you and your parents and siblings.It is an honor to know you and a privilege to pray for you. Sincerely, Kim anv Lois Nelson

  15. Betsy

    Your presence was sorely missed in our Ward Conference today. With the amounts of prayers and faith being exercised in behalf of you and your family, you should be back to your beautiful, vibrant self quickly. Please know that the Hicken's are adding their prayers to all the many others being offered in your behalf. We love you and are grateful for the influence you've had in our family as a Seminary teacher, leader and a friend.

    You do what those doctors tell you and get well soon. I still have much to learn from you and I know I'm not alone in that sentiment.

    Much love and prayers--Dana Hicken

  16. Betsy,

    We missed you today at our Ward Conference, but we soldiered on. They were gentle and kind to me and Rachel. We made sure to thank all the sisters for their faith and prayers on your behalf, and on behalf of your family.

    We feel your absence keenly but know of your love and concern for the sisters of the Stake. We will do our best to share it and to serve them! Continue to heal!


  17. Elise-
    Thank you so very much for the updates via your blog. We are so grateful to you for making the effort, during what is most surely such a difficult time for you & your family. When possible, please tell your Mom how much the Alfaro family loves her! My three oldest girls fasted with us for your mom, and were so willing to do so. Tell her we've got a huge fellow Cougar fan gift for her, but she can't have it right now because I know it would make her so stinkin' excited that it wouldn't be good for her heart. : ) We love your mom so very much, are so grateful for her testimony, example, and friendship.

  18. Dearest Betsy,
    You are a bright and shining spirit, and such a great example as Relief Society President in our Frisco Stake. You have a natural ability to show compassion for others, without being judgmental. I'll never forget the sincere empathy you showed me while I was having some health issues this winter.
    Another great memory was when you got on top of one of the tables at the General Relief Society Broadcast potluck dinner and announced with apron on and wooden spoon in hand, that it was time for everyone to go into the chapel, since the room was so full of chatter. That was a funny moment. I thank God that our prayers are helping at this point! God bless you dear sister. We miss you and we want you back with us!

    With Much Love,
    Deborah Anderson

    P.S. I hope that someone was able to pick up the flowers and card that we left at your home front doorstep before the snow arrived. We placed it there Friday night, but no one was home at the time.

  19. Karl, Betsy and kids,
    You have to know how much we are all thinking of you and praying for you. I can't imagine how difficult these past few days must have been for all of you. As one who has been the recipient of your boundless love and care I am so grateful that you have so many who are extending watchful care to you and your family right now. We love you so much and we pray and hope for healing. Know that you are in each and every thought.
    With much love, Marilyn and family

  20. Karl and Betsy,
    Whitney saw Elise's blog and forwarded the news to us. We are so sorry this is happening and want you to know you are all in our prayers. We will continue to keep you in our prayers and keep positive thoughts for Betsy's recovery. The Betsy we knew in Charlottesville was a fighter and a champion at everything she did. We assume she has not changed and will give this her full energy. Your family's tremendous love and Betsy's incredible determination will surely help in the healing process. Know that we are pulling for you all here in Virginia.
    Love, Roger and Kathi Johnson and family

  21. Karl and Betsy,
    I don't know how well you remember me but I remember you very well. Reading Elise's blog has brought a flood of memories back to me and I remember you like it was yesterday. Then I saw the picture of the two of you on Elise's blog, with Karl leaning over Betsy and looking at each other and I was in tears. I am so sorry you have had to go through this, it sure shows us how delicate life really is. Thank heavens for the Gospel and our relationship with the Lord to bring us peace. I love you and I am praying with all my heart for you and your family.
    Wendy Castle and family

  22. Betsy, Karl, and Family,

    We, too, are petitioning the Lord for miracles and healing. May He "bless your heart" and may your family continue to have all of your hearts "knit together in unity and in love one towards another." What a privilege it is to know you. We love you.

    John & Kara Schofield and Family

  23. Dear Betsy,

    Emily showed me Elise's blog today and I was so glad and anxious to read a little more of your recovery, although Karlee has done such a great job of keeping me informed! My heart has literally been aching for your heart... I see the adoring faces of Karl and your children and I know they are so anxious to have you back laughing, loving, inspiring, mothering, grandmothering, and shining your light in their lives. The Platt family has been fasting and praying in your behalf and for all involved in caring for and helping your recovery along. Know of our love for you and all of your dear family. Just take all the time and rest that you need, know that you are in the best of care, and rely on the Lord every step of the way.

    With love and hugs,