Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Dad update

*We children received this update from Dad via text at 9:15 Central Time this morning.

Mom has had a pretty good day. Nights are a bit hard to sleep with all the rest we are getting during the daytime. But a good piece of news is that she seems to have almost no ectopy [funky heart rhythms] when she is up, moving about. I've watched closely to see if this is a sampling error. The telemetry unit has more difficulty analyzing the EKG with the patient moving. But it looks real, though I can't explain it. The salutory effect of the activity seems to last about half hour after she stops too.

I'm getting very anxious to get her home, where we can both rest in earnest. The worry (imagine that I could worry) is that I won't have all the backup there that this fantastic ICU has. I have called a friend, Scott Dalebought (sp). His business involves hospital monitoring equipment. I have asked a favor, that he could loan us some sample equipment so that I can at least watch her EKG from time to time, just for the reassurance it will give me. He has generously set up some stuff to help. It will make our transition to home much easier for me. The device she has implanted is state of the art, it will communicate by bluetooth-like radio waves with a receiver in our home. That info will then be downloaded via landline to a database that mom's doctors tie into to see how she is doing. The weakness is, it is not always real-time. As I've told you guys, this kind of heart problem is moment to moment.

She is resting right now. Hopefully home tomorrow or Monday. The drips have been off for about 15 hours. They are planning on bringing her paced rate down from 100, to 90 in a bit. We will have to see how she does with that. I think the overdrive pacing has been very important in keeping any ectopy from having its way with her rhythm. Its one of the most important steps to getting her out of here. Prayers.

Like flipping a switch, her condition could change from flourishing, to death, not to put too fine a point on it. For my own peace of mind, I need to see her real-time EKG now and then.

*more later.


  1. Our prayers continue for Betsy and ALL the family! I've been wondering about some sort of device that would alert designated communication apparatus (blackberry, cell phone, I phone, etc.) should any sort of anomaly occur in her heart. Maybe that a dream for future invention. So pleased to hear about the Bluetooth waves/receiver at the house and especially the EKG monitor there also! Is there really any way to be too cautious? I don't think so!!! Much love and constant prayers ...

  2. Thank you for the update, Karl. Any news about Betsy is much anticipated in our home and many others. Good news makes our day. I wonder if your friend is related to my business law professor at BYU - Professor Dalebout.

  3. Such a stressful situation. I can imagine why your dad is so worried about being away from the hospital if something happens. Still praying.

  4. Oh Betsy,
    I feel that I have held my breath for a week and now can take in some air, occasionally. I rely so on the updates. Thank you Elise. Sonny and I are praying for your swift and gentle recovery...we love you so much. It is comforting that Karl will be there, monitoring and lovingly caring for you. He is one smart man. Thank you to Brittany...your narrative was very informative, touching, and humorous. Love to you and your family. Pat and Sonny

  5. Okay. I think that your mom and dad are pretty evenly yoked when it comes to coolness. Your dad rocks. Everyone should be married to a brilliant doctor. So happy to hear the continued good news. Lots of prayers here ... Even from 3 year old preschoolers. Xoxo.