Monday, February 7, 2011


We have had a crazy month. Not quite sure I can write about it yet. Not sure exactly what I would write.

So I'll put a temporary hold on that.

In the meantime, it's been difficult to get a good picture of how my mom's doing. I'm so far away. And phonecalls are few--she tires easily. That's hard to get used to. I'm one of those annoying children who calls her mom everyday and talks for an hour. So I feel like I'm being weaned. At 28.

We have been able to Skype a few times. As i mentioned, she is tired. She can't get out a lot yet. But she hasn't fibrillated since she's been home, and that is excellent news.

This last week put Texas (along with our neck of the desert) into a freeze, and it did some damage to my mom and dad's house. I got this from my dad this morning:

"A couple of nights ago, I was walking into the garage and met karlee at the door. She was screaming beyond the top of her lungs. I also heard screaming in the house. I had no idea what was being said, but all I could picture in my mind was my wife, dead on the floor. I ran inside, and there was Betsy pointing to the theater ceiling, where gallons of water were pouring down through the light cans. Obviously a pipe had burst in the attic. I looked at both Karlee and Betsy and as calmly as I could, I said 'don't ever scream at me like that again, unless one of you is DEAD.' Then I calmly turned the water off, and went to find my secret stash of Jack Daniels."

So, good news. The indoor rainstorm didn't stop my mom's heart, and we all have an improved perspective on the value of life compared to property.

Also. I'm 99% sure he was kidding about the Jack Daniels.

Of course if he had actually found my mom on the floor, all bets are off.


  1. Oh Elise!! I can't imagine what a crazy last month it's been. I hope you are finding some peace and calm.

  2. Oh, that is funny and scary. Just like real life. We love you and hope that all is going well. We think of you often and wish that we could do more, or anything, to help you, at all, ever.

  3. I am so glad you are well and I promise to get it together and email you that recipe.

  4. Sorry to hear about your parents' house. I would have screamed my guts out, too, if that had happened. Jason went out of town last week and showed me how to turn off the water and what to do if a pipe broke. Okay, I'm five years old.

  5. What happened to your fever in January????

  6. I'm so glad you're back to the blog...hopefully that means you're feeling better!!! I too call my mom daily, but instead of once, it's usually a few:( I know. I hate to admit!! Love your dad and even if he hit the bottle I'd love him just the same:) Rest up my friend!!

  7. I loved that post. I laughed. We all need to laugh more. Your dad is funny, I'm also anti-screaming.

  8. oh Elise. I wish I was there to bring you some ice cream or something. Still praying for your mom.

  9. Elise, what a great blog! This is Liz L. What a story! Your poor dad. And your poor mom! I hope she continues to improve.