Friday, June 20, 2008


While spending another entire day at the Millers, I made a routine visit to Trey's bedroom to check on the kids.

And nearly exploded in disbelieving laughter.

Trey was hanging, upside down, from his top bunk, wearing his Spiderman suit. Except for his mask. And to this Grace loudly objected.

"Trey, you're supposed to have the mask on for kissing!!"

The scene sounds too familiar to be mistaken as merely coincidental. And yet Grace has not been allowed to watch adult-ish films (including Spiderman) since her last incident.

And so I am baffled.


  1. 'You're a great wiper' I am still laughing about that. Your latest entries are so funny and I am glad that you can find some humor in all the madness. Keep it up.

  2. One word. Hilarious. Think how boring your life could be without those two!