Tuesday, June 10, 2008

After All

So Brad and I did not actually remember our fourth anniversary by ourselves.

But it seems that our anniversary would not go uncelebrated. It only gets one day a year, after all. It must have felt cheated. It demanded our memory.

And so it happened that while packing up, getting ready to move, we found a camera. An old one. The film kind. I know. Ancient.

In the camera, we found partially used film. Intrigued, my Brad went to Walmart and bought an antiquated, short, fat camera battery (for a whopping $9), and turned in the film.

One hour later we returned, excited [do you remember the anticipation of going to pick up pictures at the store not quite sure of what you'd find? Try. Try to remember], to retreive our envelope of pictures.

We opened it to discover our long lost honeymoon photos.

Can you believe it?


  1. Elise, love this story! I do remember that feeling of anticipation waiting to see what pictures are in the envelope. It's been a while. Love the pictures of the girls below. They must be having so much fun at grandma's house ... and with a pond!! Forget it, we would be outside all day.

    #7 on my hymn quiz was "How Great the Wisdom and the Love." Good job. You got all the answers right.

    Love you!

  2. wow! Happy Anniversary.
    Amazing that you found honeymoon pics. I would love to see them.