Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Flash Back

So I will now publicly release our found honeymoon photos. I know you're excited.

This B&B was not originally on our itinerary. We started our Washington honeymoon at a downtown Seattle hotel. But we had noisy neighbors. And the walls were paper-thin. And being in the city was chaotic. So we drove out to Port Townsend for some quiet. (Can you get over how young Brad looks?)
I loved the place. It was quaint. Breakfast included four courses. And we ate with other guests. Breakfast in this B&B was Brad's least favorite part of our honeymoon for the following reasons: 1. Gourmet food (Brad does not like it and will not eat it), and 2. Casual conversation with complete strangers. These happen to be the very same reasons that I loved breakfast.

This is the basement of the B&B. We played pool, laughed hysterically while watching Foul Play (okay, so only I laughed hysterically; Brad just laughed at me laughing), and got in our first married fight over the rules to Scrabble. Yes, Scrabble. Brad insisted that I was inventing new rules, and so I pulled out the official rulebook. I might be obsessively competitive.

I don't know why Brad took this picture. All I can say is that for a while, in the early parts of our marriage, Brad would take random photos of me in an effort to make me believe in my prettiness. Eventually he stopped because all he ended up proving is that I am the least photogenic person who ever lived. (He does, however, still tell me every single day how beautiful he thinks I am. Well, except for the last four days since we haven't talked at all because of Scout Camp. Still, I feel pretty lucky.)
The next day we met my family at Jack and Tanya Kendrick's for the Open House.

Oh, those carefree months of childlessness. All ten of them.


  1. Love the pictures. Only ten carefree months of childlessness! I had forgotten about that! Wow!

  2. Have I told you that not only are your munchkins good birthcontrol, they're great marriage control too....?

  3. Brad looks like such a pup. And you look as beautiful as always. So darling.