Sunday, June 8, 2008

Adjectives: Use With Care

Grace was coming down the stairs at my mom's house on her tummy, head first. Neglecting the potential danger she was in (I am such a great mom), I laughed and said, "Grace, you are the silliest!"

She was visibly offended. Or at least, she would have been visibly offended had her face not been buried in carpet. "Mom, I am not the silliest. I'm the greatest!!"

Apparently silly has a negative connotation at our house.



  1. Elise, you are a brave girl, driving all by yourself with your litle girls. But, we already knew you were brave when you consented to marry Brad. He is fabulous, but he's a handful. We are sad you are leaving your great ward and your great friends but excited for you and your new adventure. I just wish we could have helped. Good luck. We love you.

  2. Thanks Janna! Brad is fabulous. Thanks for letting me have him.

    I'm sorry we didn't get to see you again while we were just a tad closer... hope we get to see you soon!