Monday, June 2, 2008

Four Years

I know it's not all that common for other people to wish you a Happy Anniversary since the nature of it means no one else actually celebrates it. But it's a good thing my sister called to say just that. Otherwise, we would have completely missed it. The same thing happened last year when we were moving into our house and gutting the bathrooms. Except it was my Mom who reminded us.

So, Happy Anniversary to us.

We are apparently not big on celebrations.


  1. Well, Happy Anniversary to you and Brad. Four years...that's forever!

  2. Happy Anniversary! That was a very happy day. Here's to not wearing white at other people's weddings so as to not steal the thunder! Geez....

  3. Happy Anniversary! Do something fun! Nate and I forgot our anniversary last year too because of that whole giving birth to our first child thing. :)

  4. so fun you have a blog. Do you have Janah's Lilly email? is that her blog on your friends