Friday, June 6, 2008

Dog Pile

"How did Grace get so physical?"

Brad asked me this question as I helped Claire recover from one of Grace's bone-crushing, organ-gushing bear hugs.

If any of you know Brad, you know he was obviously kidding.

Grace is definitely physical. And not just with Claire. When I sit down, she is on me too: wallowing in my lap, climbing onto my head, standing on my shoulders. And if I'm typing at the computer, she's hanging off my arms.

And Grace learned from the best.

Because I am usually in the middle of some domestic activity when Brad pounces. I am ripped from cooking dinner, sweeping the floor, loading the dishwasher, or diapering Grace while he pins me to the ground and tickles me until I stop breathing.

Although there are some nasty side-effects to our family's rough-housing (namely unfinished chores, unsightly bruises...), we have fun. We laugh. We like to play.

I just have to make sure Claire doesn't get clobbered before she gets a chance to join in.

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