Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Sisterly Love

Grace and Claire play well, I must say. Grace shows Claire her nose; Claire laughs. Grace tickles Claire; Claire laughs. Grace shows Claire that she goes on the potty like a big girl; Claire laughs.

I used to believe my mom was exaggerating when she said it broke her heart to see us fight. (And yes, I participated frequently in such battles... [Will you forgive me, Brittany?]) But if her sorrow is the emotional opposite of the bliss I feel seeing my own children happily playing together, then I sure believe her now.

There are some exceptions to their sisterly harmony, of course. Mostly accidental blips like when Grace trips and falls on Claire, or tries to carry Claire, or smothers Claire in rollover hugs. When these happen, my usually sunny, smiley, giggly girl starts to wail or whimper.

Grace responds by shushing Claire and singing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

Brad and I thought that was a little weird. For a while. Until we decided she's saying sorry in her own three year old way. I hope so anyway.

If not, at least it serves as a sort of fire alarm: "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star..." Right. Time to rescue Claire.


  1. It's true....when I hear a disagreement of any kind, I accuse you guys of chasing the Spirit right out of the room and then I feel like crawling into a hole myself while my heart breaks. Yuck!!!!

    Grace sings to Claire because she thinks it'll make her feel better. A few weeks ago, Grace hurt her finger in a door. You wanted her to stop crying so you asked what would make her feel better and Grace told you "a song". So you sang, "I Love to See the Temple", "Twinkle, twinkle", "I am a Child of God", and by the first couple of notes, Grace was sad but totally settled down. I've seen her try to do the same thing with Claire 1/2 a dozen times at our house. I think it's darling!!!!!!

  2. Cute story, Elise. Are you in Dallas? Did you guys already move?

  3. Elise, I would just like to thank you for joining in on my new evil scheme to get cousins for Jed: make Emily so lustful after offspring that she throws her birth control out the window. Bwah ha ha ha ha!

  4. On a more personal note, this is why Jed requires a sibling. Gee, maybe my evil plan is backfiring...

  5. Can I take it she is finally potty trained? And before even the first day of college?

    Such a cute story.

  6. Austin and I just read this cutest ever post and he said, "It's too bad they don't live around here. I really DO like them." :) It's true. We do.