Sunday, February 3, 2008

Well, I can't ignore it. I love President Hinckley. And his funeral was the best thing that could have happened to me last week. It was a rough week. So to see President Hinckley's funeral and to be reminded of his ever-enduring optimism and hope was... a relief. I feel recommitted to adopting his mantras. Particularly: 1)Be the best you can be, 2)Forget yourself and go to work, and 3)It will all work out.

I keep saying that last one to myself: "It will all work out, it will all work out, things have a way of working themselves out." Prevents ulcers.

[artwork courtesy of McKay Livingston whose mother is my friend and gave me a copy! I am so lucky. The kid will be famous someday.]


  1. Apparently, to be in contact with you, I have to write on your blog. Wonderful. So, I had to work all Saturday but I watched the funeral in between busy times. I loved how personal some of the stories got. Anyway, I love that Brad will make stuff with Grace. I wish I lived closer to you guys. :(

  2. Elise...I am so excited you have a blog! And I love your lay out!!!!So Cute. Now I can keep track of you.

    Love Jamie