Friday, February 15, 2008

Prepping for Play

Yesterday I showered, dressed, and fancied up my hair only to don sweats and a ponytail two hours later. So much for my rare demonstration of responsible hygiene. That's an exaggeration. I actually do regularly shower. Anyway.

I changed back into pajama sweats because Grace and I decided to paint her playhouse.

"Wait," You say. "I thought you briefly mentioned that Grace's playhouse is a cardboard box." That is mostly correct. Ten points. See picture of said box:

Yesterday Grace's house was upgraded and is now composed of exactly three cardboard boxes, two yards of duct tape, one quart of paint, and one drawer knob (which was reassigned from Grace's dresser to the playhouse's front door).

So after our paint job, a coloring spree, and when Claire got sick of watching us...
we had crafted a crude masterpiece. I wonder how long it will survive the brutality of Grace-play.


  1. What a cute little house! I want one at my house! Perfect for reading books and playing in... what a fun project!

  2. You are such a cute Mom! That is such a good idea. I would have never done that. IT is way to messing.

  3. I love that play house, it is perfect for a little girl like Grace. How fun for you guys! I wish I could be there to play in it.

  4. I'm so grateful to see my kids improve upon their mother's parenting skills. So grateful you'll dress down and get your hands dirty, all to show a little girl that you love her in a most unselfish way!!!

  5. I want one. Do you think she would make one for us? Especially with the big purple flower on the front? That would be so lovely. I bet all of our stuff could fit in there too....