Thursday, February 14, 2008

Like Shoveling Falling Snow

My mom used to call me a pack-rat. This is an unpleasant term for someone who saves garbage. Apparently at four years old even a twisted paperclip can be treasure. I guess.

I don't save things anymore. I have had to move seventeen times and at some point I decided to make friends with the dumpster.

But now Grace is the pack-rat. A scavenging pack-rat. She does not favor only the trash bound items. She hunts for misplaced any things. And then she carts them around with her: in her hands, in the trunk of her tricycle, in her purse. It makes tidying our house close to impossible since there are piles of these things everywhere. And after I clean up, there are new ones.

Therefore, our house is never clean.

Today I took an inventory of her collection as it sat in her bike trunk:
  1. 1 cracked, plastic thermometer case
  2. A set of old Honda keys
  3. 1 small bottle of Mommy's favorite lotion
  4. 3 tubes of Mommy's favorite lipgloss, goobered on
  5. Mommy's missing crochet hook
  6. 2 rocks
  7. 4 broken crayons
  8. 1 of Daddy's business cards
  9. 1 slice of pumpkin bread, crumbled and stale
  10. 1 twisted electric wire
  11. Grace's missing toothbrush, full of pumpkin crumbs


  1. That is too funny! I definitely remember packing things away in my bedroom when I was younger, and my mom coming to "check" if my room was clean and it never was because of all those piles! I hope my house doesn't have too many piles now!! =)

  2. I totally understand, Gordon does the same thing, and it makes it so hard to clean, because it is just random stuff from all different rooms around the house. They really are at a cute age though!