Sunday, February 17, 2008

For Brianna

Although I haven't seen an episode in a very long time, I recall watching Supernanny--more than once--tape a butcher-paper schedule to a family's refrigerator. "Yo chiwdren need structcha!" She claimed.

We don't have a schedule. I know, Nanny Jo would not approve. There used to be a very detailed plan hanging on our own refrigerator. But I killed it after Claire was born and Grace decided it would be fun to stop taking naps.

We do happen to do some of the same things everyday at approximately the same time.

We wake up, for example. And we usually do that at about 6:45 when Grace stumbles into our room insisting on peanut butter and honey. (I keep anticipating pb&h overdose.)

And then we go to sleep. Not immediately after waking up, of course, but this is our only routine to speak of. We read scriptures while Grace--unable to sit still for five consecutive words--bounces and runs and wiggles and wallows. We say family prayer. We brush Grace's teeth. Daddy puts Grace to bed with a song and a prayer. Claire goes into her swing, and Brad and I collapse. We watch Netflix, or internet TV, or play a game.

And then it starts all over.

There are weekly variations, I suppose: Wednesday is playgroup, Friday is the zoo, Saturday is family-house-project-day... but no concrete schedule.

I used to be so organized. *Sigh.*


  1. Phew! It's so nice to hear that I'm not the only who doesn't have their child on a schedule. People always ask, "When does Paige take naps, or when does she go to bed?" And all I can say is, "When she's tired."

  2. Nannies aren't real moms, that's all I have to say. Moms have better things to do. Like knit baby booties for friends and spend the afternoon cuddling babies on the couch and paint cardboard playhouses. Schedules are for offices, not for HOMES! We don't have a schedule much either. But I really really really really really want you to tell us how you live on $100 of groceries per month. I spent that on vegetables alone, my gosh, you are a genius.

  3. Because I don't buy vegetables. Bad mom of the year award over here. Besides, this month our budget is running about 150 anyway. So the 100 is an exaggeration. And hopeful will be. I don't want to keep spending just that much on groceries. Yuck.

  4. Oh Elise, you make me laugh! Your words are true true true. And my little Dylan Loves PB & Honey Too! Our Kids would be good friends. Maybe we can do someting about that in say, oh 20 years. :-) And a schedule---well that will ebb and flow throughout the years I think. Balance--and continuous goal. :-)