Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mixed Blessings

Grace has a thing for scriptures. Sort of. Scripture study is pretty much her least favorite thing ever. But the scriptures themselves, as books--those are different. She packs them around with her, opens them up, claims them as her own. Today she found mine next to the bed. She unsnapped them and let them fall open (undoubtedly to the maps appendix). Then she stated (as if to read), "And it came to pass... that the Lamanites."

It wasn't a complete sentence. But still, it was one of those moments. The kind where you think to yourself that maybe you are more than the sandwich maker and bum cleaner. Not that those roles aren't completely fulfilling or anything.

Maybe things are really sinking in. I'm elated. And terrified.


  1. I was always glad that your dad insisted on having scripture study when you guys were little, couldn't read and wanted to do anything else. I was sure nothing was "sinking in". I take it all back now.

    Good for you guys. Hang in there. Grace is a chip off the old block and we couldn't be more delighted.

  2. Yeah Elise! This is exciting! I always have admired your family for doing scripture study the way you do! She'll be quoting verses in no time! haha! It is scary though- knowing that you are responsible for the eternal welfare of your children... But you and Brad are doing such a Great job! Great examples for me and Barry!

  3. Yeah, I do have a snugli. It's still awkward and uncomfortable. And she can still grab everything. I don't know, doesn't seem to help that much. But thanks!