Saturday, November 20, 2010

Let's do this everyday.

Let's all give three cheers for my best friend Brad who scored this little countertop beauty for me yesterday:

Perhaps you have seen our full-size portable floating around in the pictures of our house. (That is, pictures. floating around on the blog. Not the dishwasher. floating in our house.) I paid homage to it here.

Sadly, it died a mysterious and inconvenient death during our two year absence. Broken heart, probably. Or fried motherboard.

Either way, this makes the second dishwasher I've received for my birthday. It makes for a very happy birthday, let me tell you.

You know what else makes for a happy birthday? Kids. And friends. And Facebook. Definitely Facebook. Because there's nothing like birthday wishes from dozens of dear old friends to make you feel tops.

Fantastic Day.

It started with some playtime...
And we kept playing.

At Chili's (one of the only places in town)...

And at a friend's house. This is me and Brad. We are playing a complicated, intricate game which was purchased for this very occasion. We are desperate enough to advance in the game that I don't even notice someone snapping this picture of my offensive belly.

We did not even win.

They did. (They are carefully plotting.)

And we came home to a room full of sleepy girls.

I mean, sleepING girls. Including our excellent babysitter.

The end.


  1. Happy happy birthday. So glad you have a new dishwasher. It's pretty.

  2. Yes, Happy Birthday for sure! Glad you had so much fun. Who babysits for you? I wish I was there so I could do it!

  3. whats the game? and what where the girls playing that would involve tape on the ground?

  4. Lol. The game was the newest version of cranium, the puppet category. And the tape is for the preschool I have in there.

  5. I started an antibiotic 3 days ago (without seeing a doctor) and I've been taking hot showers, using hot rags, massaging it, pumping, nursing, etc. I haven't tried the cabbage leaves though. I am quite sure the meds are helping because I am not having the flu-like symptoms and fever anymore, but the plugged duct is still there. Well, it still hurts anyway. Does it take time for that pain to go away?

  6. FYI, I'm feeling way better now. I think I'm finally over it. Phew.