Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Karlee the Genius.

I have a little sister. She's the youngest. She's 14. She's been at my house now for less than a day.

This afternoon she generously offered to take care of my children while I caught up on some much needed work. So, I sat down on the computer. And soon--and I mean very soon--it became terribly. horribly. quiet. I was sure they had all died somehow in a bizarre, soundless freak accident.

I searched frantically, finally finding them in my bedroom.

My darling, brilliant sister had charmed my children (and herself) to SLEEP.

Midday sleep hasn't happened at my house for over a year.

I'm keeping her.

That's right Mom. You ain't getting her back.


  1. Aunts have a magical power, I totally agree! I hope you followed suit and took a nap yourself. :)

  2. Pretty sure Karlee wrote that post...yup. POSITIVE about it

  3. Can I have her in March? Just for a couple of weeks??