Sunday, November 14, 2010

I thought we were getting past this.

Grace and Claire were busy this weekend. On Saturday they climbed in our little pantry, sat on a shelf, and ate powdered sugar out of its canister with a spoon. My pantry (still) looks like an exploded sugar bag.

That day they also opened the leftover Halloween icing and squirted it into their mouths. Onto the bathroom counters. And mirrors. And on their clothes. Our Halloween icing is black.

Incidentally, these sugar cravings may have something to do with my previous post.

And today, for good measure, they destroyed my preschool room. They opened the craft closet, climbed to the highest shelf, grabbed paint, paper, and paintbrushes and set up their painting studio. Right there on the carpeted floor. Then, as if that wasn't enough, they used markers to color the mirrored closet doors and my supply of bouncy balls.

For real.

They are too old for this.

Especially since Grace also cleaned that whole mess up all by herself. Happily.


  1. You are never too old for a little black icing.

  2. I'm extremely disappointed there are no pictures of this