Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Costumes and other things.

Halloween is an annoying holiday.
  1. Finding costumes is a hassle.  
  2. There ends up being a lot of extra candy in the house. Which I end up eating. And finishing. Two days after Halloween. This is a serious deterrent to my efforts to pack away the maternity clothes.
  3. It is not that fun. Really. Think about it people. We gear up all month for a holiday where the climax is walking for hours just to gather a bag full of Smartees and Tootsie Rolls. My kids can even see through that. They prefer to stay home and answer the door, eating candy out of our bowl.
But. I have decided that Halloween is important. I mean, it's a pretty amazing display of trust to knock on a stranger's door and expect untainted candy. And that makes Halloween a valuable American holiday.

Also, our town officially declared Saturday, October 30th Halloween day. Too many people in the city felt uncomfortable trick-or-treating on Sunday. Say what you will about ugly run-down Carlsbad New Mexico, but that is pretty stinking cool.


  1. Love the bottom pic. You've gotta frame that one.

    I actually had fun doing the trick-or-treating thing this year. I think all of the candy should be burned afterwards, but it was kinda fun to get out and tromp around our neighborhood.

  2. I second the framing idea. Thing is priceless.

  3. Cute, cute kids. I just love new babies. And that is so cool that Carlsbad celebrated on Saturday. That says a lot about a place. I wish our town did that.

  4. Your baby is awesome. So is Claire. And Grace. :D

  5. Kids look so cute. Pretty neat about Carlsbad and celebrating on Sat, right? This town has it redeeming qualities I guess.

  6. OOOHHHHHH!!!!! I REALLY REALLY miss you guys!!!!! I even LOVE the "disgruntled" look on Claire's face.

  7. I love that your town celebrated on Saturday. I really wish our town did that. So I got to see Chad make a semi-aggresive note for our front door that said, "We celebrated Halloween on Saturday". He was annoyed when a couple of kids still knocked on the door.