Sunday, April 18, 2010


Grace is a pretty huge fan of these Old Testament videos. She was watching the story of Abraham when she turned to me and said, "Wait. I don't have to watch this video of Abraham! I have this video!"

And she ran to the bookshelf to retrieve Veggie Tales' version of the Biblical drama.

I was glad she had made a connection and realized that these were two versions of the same story. But I still felt the need to clarify an important point.

"Grace, you do know that the real-life Abraham was not a cucumber, right?"

Grace laughed. She answered gleefully, "Silly Mommy! Abraham is a pea!"

Oh, of course. Silly Mommy.

[As a side note, let me add that it is a shocker to realize you need the spiritual message coming from your child's cartoon. Well done, Veggie Tales. Peas, cucumbers, gourds and all.]


  1. "Abraham is a pea!" SO classic. I love it. However you can increase exposure, I guess, right!?