Monday, April 26, 2010

Eat Cake.

I'm not a huge cake fan. I mean, I'll eat it, if it's there. Because, well, it's made of sugar. But it's not really my dessert of choice.

In fact, I have only ever made two cakes (well, except for this and this which, um, are amazing). I only make cake at Grace's request.

Because Grace most definitely is a cake fan. She loves the taste. She loves the looks.

Her favorite forms of entertainment are Ultimate Cake Off, Cake Boss, and Ace of Cakes.

Grandma Betsy has recently become a cake show fan herself. So, while visiting her house last week, after enjoying an Ultimate Cake Off marathon, she decided to host an Ultimate Cake Off of her own. I was reluctantly roped into it.

Grandma made the cakes while Karlee and I went shopping for supplies. We returned to two very excited little munchkins, and two cakes. Red Velvet and Rainbow Chip.

Before I post pictures, please keep in mind the following very important facts:
  1. None of us have taken any sort of cake classes whatsoever. None of us had any clue what we were doing.
  2. The children (Claire and Grace) had full creative reign.
Don't forget.

This is my youngest sibling. Her name is Karlee. She began by rolling out fondant.
She promptly quit. It's a hard job.

Karlee was obviously skeptical of Claire's fondant rolling abilities.
As she should be.

Meanwhile, Grace is eating gum paste.
We experimented making flowers with the gum paste.
We were bad at it.

Mom. Frosting cakes.

Grace loves pink fondant. And eating it.
It tastes worse than gum paste.

Karlee taught Claire (and herself) to make fondant cut-outs.

This white fondant had to be rolled out approximately three times. It kept tearing.
One of those times it got red velvet cake in it.
Surgical removal of the cake from the fondant was attempted.
But was obviously unsuccessful.

However, this is my favorite stage of this cake. I would have preferred to leave it like this.
I call it Chicken Pox. With rash.

We made a really big mess.

But it all led up to (drum-roll, please).....
These cakes!
Please note the wrinkled fondant.
And red polka dots with hot pink flowers.
Seriously stylin'.

Look at us! We made cake!

So, we discovered that we are not natural cake decorators. But it was fun. And they tasted good. Once you tore off the fondant, anyway.

If you're ever looking for real cake decorating, check out my in-laws. These cakes may have been semi-attractive had I paid more attention to their mad skills.


  1. I agree that fondant is disgusting--my mom used some when she was doing wedding cakes sometimes. Yuck! But I love cake! The insides of these look so yummy.

  2. Nicely done!! I'm so jealous I wasn't there.

  3. Wow! So cool! I'm impressed. What a fun memory. I took a cake decorating class and I now have a huge respect for all homemade cakes! They are just hard work! Oh, and I love the 'diagnosis: chicken pox with rash' cake. Awesome. =)

    It's funny to me that you have a sister that I didn't know existed. I thought it was a picture of Brittany at first, and then you...and then you mentioned who it actually was and it just is so crazy! Anyway, thanks for posting!

  4. Fondant is an abomination.
    In taste and ease of use.

  5. There's actually a way to make fondant from marshmallows. Our neighbors have done it on their last 2 birthday cakes and, as fondant goes, it's fantastic. You can actually eat it without be totally sicked out.

  6. The red velvet cake reminds me of the bloody inards of an armadillo cake on the movie Steel Magnolias....hmmm... how can I turn this in to a compliment... They look cool!