Friday, April 16, 2010

A Day Out

It has rained here for the past two days. Straight. And in our neck of the desert, when it rains, it floods.

Kind of like this.

We are inside our apartment most of the time anyway. The rain doesn't make much difference. But today we got the chance to go to an art festival here in town. Grace was stoked. The main exhibit was a showcase of Lego art. On top of that, there were crafts for the kids, elaborate toy train sets, and community shows.

After the Home Depot Build a Bank craft, I asked the girls to hold up their work and smile. In other words, I requested they pose.

We all know how that goes.
"Thank you, Grace. Claire, look at the camera!"

"Thank you, Claire. Can you smile now? And Grace, look at the camera!"

Grace: "Claire. You smile like this, see? This is how you smile for the camera."
Claire: [fish face.]

Grace: "Good, Claire, that's good trying."

Yes, I believe that is Claire's real attempt at a smile.

And... that's as good as posing gets around here, folks.


  1. WAY CUTE!!! They each have different personalities for sure.

  2. SO funny!! What hilarious little honkers!I love that Grace ALWAYS has to teach Claire how to smile. The munchkin KNOWS how to smile, she just doesn't want too. My kinda girl! So, Elsie, where are the belly pics?

  3. Is that a dark blue mole I see on Grace's cheek?!Only the coolest people have those!

  4. Totally know how that goes! So frustrating! So cute though. I love the play by play.

  5. Elise- I love your posts. Claire playing the piano in her outfit is just lovely. Your photography is awesome. Love you guys!

  6. Laughing like crazy. I think I'm in love with Claire. :D