Sunday, April 18, 2010

I do not exaggerate about flooding.

There is a great park here in town that we frequent. It's awesome. Lots of slides, spongy playing ground, cool equipment.

Here's what it usually looks like:

(photo courtesy

Note the pretty pond. And its [safe] distance from the park.

Here is the same park.


Say hi to the ducks.

I grew up in Washington State. I'm supposed to know rain, people.

Apparently I don't. I mean, I have. never. seen. anything like this until we moved [slightly] East.

Apparently what I really knew were gutters. And storm drains.

West Texas doesn't have these. No, I'm not kidding. There aren't even little indents on the roadside. You're lucky when the road slopes outward.

This means floods and road closures are a typical occurrence about the same time every year.

All because of water.

Are you not astounded? Amazed? Awed? I always am.
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  1. I lived in Texas for eight years. I think nothing will ever surprise me ever again. ;-)

  2. We have had MAJOR flooding here this spring, too. It is so amazing to see the way water changes things. We couldn't get to church the normal way for weeks.

  3. Funny thing is, that some states (dare I mention Louisiana?) would declare a state emergency and demand national funds by now. NOT TEXAS!!! We'll do it OUR way, Thank you very much!!!! I'd rather wait it out than be indebted to the government.

  4. Yeah... we do rain a little differently back home, huh??