Thursday, January 17, 2008

Steps in the Dark

Have I mentioned that Brad just started his own business last month? He did. Have I mentioned that I was appointed bookkeeper and that I don't know the first thing about it? I was, and I don't. I also probably failed to mention how excited I am about this business ownership thing. That is because I am not really. Supportive, definitely. Excited? Um... not so much. I do not have what you would call an entrepreneurial spirit. I personally like the idea of working for the man. He offers a steady paycheck and a benefits package. What's so bad about that? In fact, when Brad turned down a salary plus benefits offer from one of the largest construction companies in New Mexico in favor of starting his own company, I must say that my reaction ranged between disbelief and nausea. I don't mean to imply that Brad's refusal of the job was a surprise to me. On the contrary. We consulted and prayed together for a long time before coming to an agreed decision. But once we received an answer from God, Brad never looked back. I sure did. He pretty much has more faith than I do. The next day he got an email from the construction company asking him to reconsider, and I responded, "Do it! Maybe they'll offer you more money!" Yeah, I know. I'm the devil. Well, maybe not the devil so much as Ms. Doubting Thomas. If Heavenly Father has a plan for me, I want the blueprints. None of this one step at a time stuff. Give me the details!

I told you. Faithless.

But not for long! My faith steadily increases as I have seen how carefully and lovingly Heavenly Father has been taking care of us. I've already made marked improvement: these days I only hyperventilate about once a week.


  1. Yikes! I grew up with a self-employed Dad... it was great having him home a lot but sometimes it was hard on my Mom, I remember. Brad's a pretty reliable dude, though. We did the same thing this past summer and I did my share of hyperventilating! We are enjoying "the man" and his benes, for the moment, but I wouldn't be surprise if we're back out in the world of do it yourself again someday. Isn't it nice to have rock solid evidence that God really is watching out for you? In the form of bills miraculously paid? ha ha

    I love your blog. I love Grace. What a gal! I had to laugh when you so kindly complimented the writing on my blog, because I've thought the same thing about yours so many times! I love your natural way of writing, it's so... sincere. Not to mention gut-bustingly hilarious.)

    I tried making those hot dog wrap things you wrote about before. They looked sooooo good. Boy did I botch it big time, though. They were disgusting and my darling husband ate them anyway, gamely grinning as if they were fantastic. I think I'll need some tutelage on that particular form of sausage art.

  2. But, Oh, to have the guts to do what Brad is doing. Wish I had em'.

  3. What exactly is my brothers company? I have no idea what the hay ya'll are doing. Kelly wants to know if he's hiring and how much he can get paid.

  4. Elise,

    I don't know what happens. I'm turning into my mom. I've commented twice and can't see any of my comments. But want you to know that Dad and I have been reading your blog and I wish you could have heard your father's belly laughs. He says you're a talented writer. I quite agree.

    He also wanted to know why Claire and Grace aren't here. I told him that Brad needed you guys more than he thinks he does.