Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Like Weeds (But Prettier)

Why do children grow so quickly? Claire now laughs and grabs and rolls and scoots, and only a few months ago [a very few short months!] she was a limp little bean in my arms. Each minute holding my girls is bittersweet: another moment gone! I want them to grow up; I do. But I can't imagine it being as wonderful as having a baby in my arms.

Enough. No weeping allowed.

Have I mentioned how funny Grace is? Have I mentioned how impressionable she is? Here is reason number 387 for not having a TV: Grace has an amazing memory. On the rare occasion that she gets to stay up to watch one of mommy and daddy's Netflix movies, she seems to remember the most unfortunate parts. Last Friday at the zoo, while holding the hands of two little friends, she repeated a very regrettable four-letter word. She didn't use it in the correct context. It was so out of place, in fact, that I wondered whether she'd said it at all, but given her little friends on either side (and my friends surrounding me), I thought it best to discipline her on the spot. I was embarrassed. Which is why Grace is no longer allowed to watch mommy-daddy movies or "The Incredibles" anymore. (Am I the only one that didn't realize that commandment numero tres is repeatedly broken in that movie?) Anyway.

Also. Does anyone here have any brilliant ideas for potty-training? I think I missed my window of opportunity with Grace. Since that missed opportunity, I have tried "potty training in a day," the naked method (which has been fun in the winter... just kidding), and shameless bribery. I have several gifts sitting on her shelf in her bedroom waiting to be played with until she sits on the potty. Every once in a while, she'll tearily beg to play with those toys until I remind her, "Not until you sit on the potty!" At which point she will tearlessly say, "Oh," and drop the subject. I am at a loss.

Help me.


  1. That's the idea, to be rich sometime soon! Ha! I wish I had some advice for the potty situation but until Cora gets to that stage I really don't know.
    P.S. Which four letter word was it? And I don't know that commandments in order, is it the killing one? I can't remember the movie! Don't make fun of me.

  2. lol. I shouldn't have written it like that. But the third commandment is to not take the Lord's name in vain. Remember how Grace did that a couple times? It was because of the Incredibles I think. And she said the *S* word. I think. Hasn't said it since, thank heavens.

  3. My only advice it try, try, try again. It took three attempts with Parker and he was 3+ a bit.

    The other sugestion is just don't give in. We just said that he could wear diapers anymore and that was it. So he was naked for a few days and then finally got it under control enough to put underware on.

    What people kept telling me was, they will go when they are ready. So who knows!! Good luck. Remember to always be positive.

  4. sorry, it should say
    "is" and "could NOT"
    How do you edit your comments on blogs? I am still new at this....

  5. Dad and I stayed up late to read your blog for the first time. Can't tell you how many times Dad belly laughed. He thinks you're a talented writer. I love that Gracie Lou. She reminds me a bit of her mother.

  6. I love your blog...Its fun beinga mom isn't it?! Good luck.