Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Now that's over with.

On Sunday, us Nevilles (and my mom and Grandma Glennda!) packed up and drove to Lubbock, TX for Weston's orchiopexy.

It was wonderful. A teaching hospital is a pretty amazing thing. Lots of people, lots of help, very thorough.

We arrived at outpatient surgery at 5am local time. They started the surgery at 7:30. At about 8:30 we got a call saying that they had just barely begun operating. He was a difficult stick, apparently. They had tried to get a vein started by poking him... Count them... 21 times. At least, those are the ones I can see. Several in each hand, foot, and arm. One stick each in his head and jugular.

But he came back to us as happy as could be. Once I fed him, that is.

He cut a tooth the same day.

What a trooper.


  1. I hope that by "trooper" you are referring to yourself.

    I am a "hard stick" too. Now I just tell people that and they automatically call in the best nurse or an anesthesiologist to poke me. It really cuts back on the counts.

  2. So glad to hear all went well!!! Congrats to the "trooper" for being such a BIG boy. : )

  3. Poor baby. I am glad that is over and done and he is doing well. You are all very brave.

  4. Poor little guy. It's so hard when your baby has to be poked and prodded.

  5. He is a trooper, just like his mama! And I can relate to him, as long as I'm fed, that smile on my face will last a lot longer. :)

  6. Poor boy! I hope he's recovering okay. So glad to see you!