Saturday, March 5, 2011

From Mom

A lot of you have been asking for updates on my mom. She sent me this last night:

True or False?

1. A person requiring CPR is unconscious while receiving CPR. False: read number 2.

2. Sometimes husbands and wives misunderstand each other. True: For instance, a husband can be giving chest compressions to his wife while yelling over and over, "DON'T LEAVE ME!!!" This can be interpreted by his wife as "LEAVE ME!!" since she believes she is being repeatedly shoved against a wall. The misunderstanding is likely compounded if she was dead a few seconds before.

3. Being defibrillated feels like being kicked in the chest by a horse. False: It feels like being electrocuted in the heart and it doesn't quit until the wave of electricity reaches every fingertip, toe and hair follicle.

4. Your eyes do not roll to the back of your head during defibrillation. True: It only feels like they do. If we could see what the brain was doing at that time it might cause a panic attack which would cause another defibrillation.

5. Thoughts really do affect your heart. True: For instance, thinking about the miracle of the Savior's appearance to the people in America and the children and grandchildren you love, can cause another defibrillation.

6. Facebook and "attemptingmotherhood" blog comments do not cause defibrillation. False: Apparently, such tender feelings for all who expressed concern increases your nurse's anxiety as she watches your heart monitor. The sweet, young nurse marches into your room, RIPS the iphone out of your hand in the middle of the night and keeps it. You feel like you're 5, but you don't want to defibrillate.

7. The food at a heart healthy hospital can cause defibrillation. False: Wish I had the recipes.

8. Age makes you emotionally calloused. False: A husband's hands can feel as warm and reassuring as they comfort you in the back of a cold, white and silver ambulance as the day your first child was born.

9. Fasting and prayers from many friends, family and co-workers are heard and can heal a broken heart. True: "The object of prayer is not to change the will of God, but to secure for ourselves and for others blessings that God is already willing to grant, but that are made conditional on our asking for them."

10. Expressing gratitude for the faith, thoughts, words of encouragement and prayers and fasting are simple enough to express in words. False. I can't.


  1. I love your mom. I raise my proverbial glass to her. I hope she continues to be super duper healthy.

  2. I still think about her everyday. Our love goes out to here.
    LuAnn Carver

  3. I thought I was over the tears for Betsy, but here I sit getting kids ready for the school day with tears coursing down my cheeks, AGAIN! I just think over and over how much I love your mom and how grateful I am for the opportunity to fast and pray for her. I'm grateful that the love of your family and all of us who would give our right arm to be blood related, may have played a part in keeping her with us.
    Gotta go clean up this mess I call a face now. : )