Monday, March 21, 2011

Feeding Time

Wes is 6 and a half months. He is scooting all over the house. He does sit-ups.

What he is not doing is eating. The kid won't have anything to do with baby food. And it's an issue I'm pushing. Because once my kids start to eat cereal, they start to sleep through the night. And I want him to sleep throught the night. He's still waking up 3 times every night.

So. I've tried fruit. I've tried sweetening rice cereal with fruit juice. One day I got so desperate that I put in some Karo syrup.

That didn't work either.

So when Claire said she wanted to try feeding Weston, I thought, ... Why not? Couldn't hurt.
Claire could not be more excited.

Wes is just chillin' in the Bumbo. (A device with a warning label that says "Do not place on a table." Yes. I am aware.)
He has no idea that Claire is looking for permission from me to begin torturing him.

Until she begins torturing him. Look at that determined look. Look at that gag. 

I don't think he likes banana applesauce.

He appeals to the heavens for relief.

And then he appeals to me with a look that says, "Are you taking pictures? Of my suffering?"

And I am officially the worst mother. Ever.

Until I get this face. And I feel better.
I think he does too.

I'm trying to not prematurely panic about being the Mom who breastfeeds her child through Kindergarten.



  1. He is soooo super cute, Elise. So superly cute. I think he'll eat soon. I really do.

  2. HAHA. That was HILARIOUS! Totally made my morning

  3. hahahah - love the pictures! he is sooo cute!!

  4. He has the same smile as the girlies.

  5. That was so funny!!!! Good luck. his grin in that last picture looks like his mama

  6. So adorable. Can't wait to see you all. June is far away.

  7. Man, I should have Claire feed Jude. Seriously, she doesn't look like she takes any guff. So cute. That last picture is to die for. He is just so handsome!

  8. It's a good thing the poor kid won't remember any of this when he's older. If he did, he'd have post-traumatic stress for sure. I know I would. Older sisters are cruel.