Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Betsy Update

This weekend was the first time I have seen my mom since I left her in the hospital two months ago.

Her heart is doing well. At her last appointment, her heart had experienced zero arrhythmia.

Of course, we gave her heart some good stress tests. First of all, Brad and I left our munchkins with her and Grandma Glennda when we went to the hospital with Weston at 4am. Apparently Claire woke up several times during the night. Screaming.

And then after the hospital ordeal, we took a short shopping trip to Lubbock's mall. I have needed a new pair of jeans for a long time. And there's no place to get them in Carlsbad. So Mom and I went looking while Brad and Grandma Glennda took the kids to the mall playplace. And then they got tired and decided to go back to the hotel. And somewhere in the logistics negotiation, I ended up with the keys to my mom's car. Which I promptly lost. In the mall. (It is never a good idea to give me anything important.) Mom and I spent an hour looking for them. Mom found them on a table of polo shirts. Of course.

And after all that, no defibrillations. Which I'd say is pretty amazing. 'Cause I think I even needed one.


  1. don't give me anything important ever either!! I don't put my keys,phone, you name it in the same spot ever - always in a different spot in my purse too - I am forever looking for something lost - Great news about Betsy - we are glad to hear it!!!

  2. Great news! About your mom and finding the car keys. Double gold star!

  3. I'm so glad to hear that your mom is doing well. She scared the heck out of me! :)