Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Let's Play a Game

Wow. So I was not expecting that kind of response to Grace's dancing. I guess I'll put "Register Grace for dance classes" on my list of things to do.

Speaking of things to do. I have been a pretty bad blogger lately. I know you've really been concerned. I realize your entire life completely revolves around my riveting posts. But. I will have it known that I have a couple of semi-decent excuses for my blogging lapse.

For fun, I present to you the following list of scenarios. All of them are 100% true and unexaggerated. (Okay. Well, mostly unexaggerated.) Except for one. Guess which.
  • My 105 degree fever (courtesy of the swine flu) lasted seven full days. I was in bed for all of them. The chills kept me in sweaters, socks, and sweatpants under my covers. Having the fever dissapear might have been a welcome relief. Might have. Unfortunately, while I was sick, the munchkin terrorists wreaked havoc on the homefront. So getting well really meant: scrubbing 7 days of dishes, washing and drying 12 loads of laundry (which I wasn't caught up on in the first place), vacuuming entire packets of Moon Dough sprinkled over the carpets, sweeping up crackers crushed across the dining room floor, and paying the bills (all of them late).
  • I decided to quit the little preschool I have on Mondays and Wednesdays. It's too much work. And all Claire does is whine and cry.
  • This month Brad accepted a position with the local fire department which he earned in part due to his awesome finish time on the combat challenge. He stayed there a week. Then he realized how much he liked his other job. And he quit. His old bosses were "thrilled" to have him back. (And I was happy. Because that's what I wanted in the first place.)
  • I have been fighting briefly against a long delayed case of baby blues. This means I spend half the day with Weston in my rocking chair muttering, "go to my happy place. go to my happy place." Brad comes home, finds me like this, and tells me the house looks amazing. What it really looks like is the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. But bless his soul.
  • I started folding laundry again two weeks ago. Brad woke up one morning, took his shower, and headed straight to the laundry room to go dryer diving for underwear. I yelled to him from bed, "Look in your drawer!" When he opened it to find neatly folded clothing, his reaction was enough to make me believe I'd cured cancer. Again: bless him.
Best of luck in your guess. Winner gets a special prize. Like respect or something.


  1. you're n ot quitting preschool. I'm pretty sure about this one. But maybe it's the swine flu thing cuz i'm pretty sure that's NOT what you had.

  2. Hmmm, you're a good exaggerator. I'll guess that Brad didn't do the fire department thing. But I really have no clue.

    Also, I totally get that reaction when I fold laundry AND venture to put it away. I figure I've got to set the expectations low the majority of the time so that when I do something that simple, it really is quite the accomplishment. Haha. We must be kindred spirits (unless of course that's your exaggeration...)

    I love you and am glad your fever is gone!

  3. oh Elise, I love you!
    I have to admit it's good to hear that everyone has 'off' times. sorry about you being sick. not fun at all. :(
    I'm going to take a stab at the fire department thing......?

  4. Gotta be the swine flu bit. Because you've already had that.

  5. I think it's the last one. I've seen Brad open presents on Christmas morning, even ones he wanted. He never reacts like that.

  6. My first question is: Who are your visiting teachers? My second question is: Why aren't they at your home helping you with the kids and household chores? My third question is: Do you want to live at my house so I can take care of you and the baby?

    I'm sorry you've been having a rotten time lately. Wish I lived closer so I could help you out. Hang in there!!

  7. I think it's the baby blues one...
    If it were true that would be totally fine but you've always seemed so great at handling stress. If not, I'm glad you are finally showing some wear and tear like every other mom in the world. I really do hope you quit preschool, that was WAY too much to take on. You don't need that. Spend time with your own kids, you're such a great teacher. And go to the dr. and get some meds. If you had diabetes would you say, "Oh I'll get over it on my own."?? No, you wouldn't!

  8. I'm guessing the job. The rest sounds too much like my own little Mormon Mommy life so it can't be untrue, right?