Tuesday, August 19, 2008


My whole family has been gone this week. They are enjoying the Church History sites of the east coast. Brad, Grace, Claire, and I have been enjoying the house and yard. 

Although my parents live near the Dallas Metroplex, they're still pretty far out in Texas country. My mom always tells people, "Come see us on your way to Oklahoma." So I guess it shouldn't have been a huge surprise that, while Grace ate her breakfast yesterday morning, she stared out the window and yelled, "LOOOOOK, MOOOM!"

There was an armadillo in the yard. An armadillo. I don't know. I guess I half-thought they were mythical creatures.

I opened the door to get a better look, and Grace continued to yell in excitement. I was nervous that the little guy would run away at the noise, but he seemed oblivious. 

Apparently that is the main characteristic of Armadillos. Obliviousness.

Here's some footage Brad caught (not great, but gets a little clearer toward the end):


And that's not all we've seen.

Today Brad pointed out a nest forming above my parents' front door. With an egg.

Can you see it?!


  1. What a cute little creature! I've only seen them in road-kill form.

  2. OH GREAT!!! I've never seen an armadillo, let alone in my own yard. (my iPhone won't download the video. I'll have to wait to see footage when we return. )

    And you're right about telling people to come visit on their way to Oklahoma but only if they live south of us. You're friends can come visit when they're on their way to Mexico.

    Can Brad carry the nest somewhere faraway before we return?

  3. Ha! My cousin used to make money shooting armadillos when they lived in Texas. I guess they are major lawn pests -- trouble for golf courses, cemetaries and everybody else. (Is that how you make cemetary plural?)

  4. Cool! Mike found a snake skin hidden in the bushes near our door and he made me poke it with a knife sharpener to make sure it was just the skin. Turns out we're not much for wildlife. Especially not the kind that slithers.