Thursday, August 7, 2008

Warning: Not for the weak-stomached.

Brad is home. He got home on Friday night, actually. So, he's been home. But today, we are celebrating tube-, stitch-, and staple-lessness.

He is also free of an extra 25 pounds he was carrying around. A week diet of clear liquids can do that to you. He looks hot. But, he did before.

Farewell to those foreign bodies of plastic and metal. Brad had several staples, two holes housing tubing for drainage, and a few extra holes for fun (okay, really the surgeon was trying laproscopic surgery instead of having to cut him open, and the staples are evidence of how that attempt turned out).

I have eternally commemorated Brad's synthetic friends in photo here. Don't say I didn't warn you. Oh, did I not warn you? Okay, the photo shows a little blood, some staples, and a tube (the other tube was unphotographable). Consider yourself warned.

Also. I got the bills today, since we are currently uninsured. I know, I'm ashamed. No lectures, please.

Anyone like to take a guess at the combined charge for a three-night hospital stay, and the actual surgery? The winner will receive surgical tubing and bulb. Only used once.


  1. I think no one in our family has ever lost a pound while staying at Grandma Glennda's fat farm where you must not be happy unless you're eating something.

    Miss you guys and hope your trip to Dallas is uneventful!!!!!!

  2. Disgusting!!!!!!!! I might go on a clear liquid diet next. I have loved having Grace here. What a little friend she is. And so funny!!!

  3. I know, I know! Does it count if you already told me?

  4. I'm glad Brad is home and well. I think I will try the clear liquid diet. What does that consists of? Water and broth? Sounds perfect! :) I don't even want to imagine how much that all costs. Yikes. Ok, I'll guess $12,000. And you can keep the surgical tubing. :)

  5. Janna, has Grace done the "remember Mr. Potato head in Toy Story?....He says "look I'm a Picasso.' " She totally cracks me up, but then so does Brad. We don't wonder where she gets it.

  6. Yikes on the cost - I can only imagine (I know what it costs for a four day three doctor c-section) and that's not pretty. Have you looked into Medicaid or talked to the financial/billing office for options. My sister-in-law got help paying for her appendectomy that way. Glad that Brad is free of foreign materials, let us know if you need anything - please!!! (ps. we may be going back to Carlsbad for a permanent postion)

  7. We are glad that Brad is ok! I saw him at church on Sunday he looks really good.