Friday, August 1, 2008

Tribute to Mary

Brad and I haven't been in the hospital that long. A mere three days. Well, and I'm really only here from 10-10. And I'm not the one being treated.

Anyway, three days may not sound like that long (and, okay, I'll be honest--it isn't). But in terms of working shifts, three days translates into roughly nine nurses. Nine drastically disparate nurses. I have a bone to pick with a few of them. (Excuse the tactless pun.) But several nurses (such as our sweet Mary) merit some serious praise and respect.

Mostly for doing little things.

Like addressing the IV machine's incessant beeping instead of letting it go off every two minutes for hours.

And smiling instead of doling out dry crusties.

And bringing medicine when they say they will instead of an hour and a half later.

Sadly, my blog is private, so Mary will never read my gratitude (although I sang her praises in person plenty). And both Madonna and Maria will never know my frustration. Which is how I like it anyway.

As a side note, isn't it weird that all of these nurses have the same name?


  1. Someones name is Madonna? I didn't know that was allowed for normal people...

  2. I know what you mean, Brian has been in the hospital and it was very frustrating (especially during that night shift when I couldn't be there) when a nurse didn't give good care. I remember being pregnant and breaking down in tears complaining about a bad night shift nurse. Kind of embarassing, but probably pretty effective.

  3. Oh my goodness - I just got caught up on blogs from being out of town. Wow, I can't believe how much drama and scariness has been going on with your family - how scary! I'm so glad you got Brad checked out and that everything is ok. What a huge, huge relief.

    And funny, I was noticing the 3 names being the same as well - was it a Catholic hospital?

    Oh, and I totally agree - nurses make all the difference in hospital stays. Here's hoping the next few are great ones!

  4. Mary, Madonna, and Maria? Are these noms de plume? They sound like a band. Way too coincidental.

    I think if I were a nurse and didn't want possibly bitter patients to know my real name, I would choose something biblical.

    My cousin assures us that her life was once saved by a nurse named Gabriel.

    Anyway, they can call themselves whatever they want as long as that faulty appendix is out. What an ordeal! I find myself so often grateful for modern medicine. It saves a lot of grieving. I'm just glad that all is now well.

  5. Well, as nurse Marilyn, yes add that "M" name to your nurse list, I do give good care, and agree that the patient is the number one priority because your are the customer. A smile goes a long way, prompt med care is vital, and encouragement is ongoing.
    I'm glad to hear that Brad is on the mend.