Saturday, August 23, 2008

Any Delay

Every night, for about twenty minutes after Brad puts Grace to bed, we hear, "Mom! I have to tell you somp-thin. Just ONE MORE THIIINNG!" That claim is, of course, false. It usually becomes fifteen to twenty things. On a lucky day.

But believe it or not, that's progress, folks.

Earlier this year, I was ready to pull my hair out over the issue. I had become the temporary bedtime parent because of our frequent Brad-less trips to Texas.

And bedtime wasn't going well. The whole process had become an hour-and-a-half ordeal. And I was exasperated. I was looking for a way to improve. 

And so, after one particularly difficult night, I planned to record our bedtime routine, listen to it the next day, and write down any ways I felt I could do better.

It didn't work. It was a bad night. I got angry. And I had no desire to relive that night and revive my frustration by listening to the recording. So I didn't. 

Until, of course, today. And, if you'd like, so can you. Well, two minutes of it anyway. Two minutes which might be exceptionally boring for you. Or funny. I can't tell. I am not objective in this situation.

Just remember: I was angry. Have mercy on me. I won't judge your parenting either.


  1. Oh my gosh, that was so funny! Seriously, how hilarious!!

    "Its a creepy lizard!"

    "Hit him with the shoe!

    Ha ha ha! I will be laughing for days.

  2. Maybe this is bad, but I let Gwen take a Little Leapad to bed and leave the lights on so she can play the leapad until she gets tired. It seems to minimize the constant back and forth between us--although I'm not sure it would work for you, what with all the creepy lizards roaming around!

  3. Where does she get this stuff? Good luck to you. Hilarious!

  4. Oh that was funny!! I'm glad my kid is not the only one that takes 2 hours to get to bed! I loved the shoe idea. Did she use it???

  5. So funny and so cute! You are so smart to record things like that, wish I had. On second thought, I am glad I didn't I would not have sounded as nice of you if I were "angry". You are a wonderful mom Elise and you have a very smart little girl! FYI I started a blog too. You can find it at Not much on there right now and not nearly as entertaining!

  6. Parenting is hard! There's no correct solution to the bedtime thing. Just consistency. My kids know not to mess with me at bedtime. But I'm kind of a cop. You're a lot nicer.

  7. A Creepy lizard huh? I have problems with those ALL the time! haha

  8. That was angry? My kids love communal beds. My big threat is, "Be quiet or you will sleep in your own bed!" When I flip out the hall light and there is no screaming, I know they are all fast asleep. :) Helen is the third girl from Sariah's bio. parents! She is definately our last. Terry left for New Mexico yesterday. :( I love your blog!