Friday, May 2, 2008

Press Conference

I suppose it is time to make it public... although this news won't mean much to most you readers.

We are leaving Carlsbad. We are sad.

But we are keeping our house. It's my way of staying attached to Carlsbad and making it easier for us to move back.

We will move back. I hope. Because I love it. Love love love it. I know, you think I'm crazy. What can I say? We became a family there. And plus we have a lot of awesome friends there and the best group of wards ever.

"So why are you leaving your favorite place in the world, Elise?" I hear you ask. Good question, I answer. But... hmm. I will let Brad answer. Because our reason for moving has to do with Brad. And Brad and I have this deal where he speaks for himself.

Anyway, the good news is, we will be close to my parents.

The semi-good semi-bad news is that I will be working as a teacher. Well... that's the plan. Now I just have to convince a principal.

Wish we were moving to a town near you, but we're probably not. Unless you live in Texas.


  1. I knew this was coming but still, it's gay because now you're probably going to be even FARTHER away from us. :(

  2. Elise that is exciting. It is always good to open a new chapter. How fun to be close to your parents!

  3. Wow, that's big news! Moving is always hard. That is definitely nice that you'll be close to your parents though.

  4. I do wish it were closer to us...sheesh.

  5. I feel confused...You are moving from Carlsbad (is that California?) to Texas, for reasons undisclosed, and living near (not with) your parents. And working now?
    Wow. That is a lot of changes... Good luck, I know the Lord never gives us more then we can handle... right?
    You're are one of the most amazing women I know, so you will be great. I'll pray for you!
    Next time you move, come to Denver!!

  6. Good luck with everything. Hey - we can take turns watching each others kids so we can pack -he he he.

  7. Elise, if we move to San Antonio (and who knows what we're doing) we will come to Dallas and play. Yay!

  8. Where in Texas are you going to be moving to and when? This will make it easier for me to visit you at least:) But then again, I only get out to Texas like once a year, if that.
    To answer your comment on my blog, yeah, you and I totally do have the same taste in tv/movies. I'm definitely an Office fan. I also love the British Office and Extras, but I don't brag about that because they aren't that um, clean either. I still enjoy watching The More the Merrier that your family gave me for my wedding. Great flik.

  9. Good luck with such a big move! I hope it goes well - leaving a place you love is always so bittersweet (well, bitter mostly while you leave, sweet maybe a year after the move is over ;) Anyway, wish I could offer some help, but I am interested to know how things go with the move, teaching, and school! Where is Brad going to school? Are you excited to be in school? I'm excited for us to be students again, I feel like we missed that stage in our relationship since we didn't get married until Christopher graduated and I had 1 semester left. Anyway, I guess you might want to e-mail me back these answers since there are so many questions! I didn't mean for this to be a marathon!
    Oh, and 2 more questions: when do you move? Where will you be living? My friend lives in Houston (Pearland) and she is AMAZING, so if it's nearby she could be a good resource/instafriend.

    Alicia =)