Saturday, May 17, 2008

So That's How She Sees Me

This is a portrait of me. Grace brought it to me while I was folding laundry.

"Who is this?" I asked.

"It's you, Mom!" I must interject here that I just love watching Grace when she shows me her work. Her voice and smile and body language convey this unabashed, innocent, non-competitive pride and excitement in her accomplishment.

Anyway, back to the drawing.

Considering the way photographs of me turn out (have you noticed there aren't any of me here?), I am a huge fan of this artistic rendering. Rosy cheeks, slight smile, skinny legs, 12 fingers...

Made my day.


  1. This picture is so precious! What a darling little artist you have in your family. I'm glad she drew a smile, though slight.

  2. It looks like she thinks your arms can be anywhere and do anything in the world. It's true. Mom's arms and mom's eyes are true mysteries.

  3. So adorable!!!! Not 5 minutes ago I opened my notebook and found some drawings Grace made for me and I got a little tear in my eye.
    Love you and Grace.

  4. You have always had skinny legs!!