Thursday, April 24, 2008

We're all Winners

Grace has a habit of running away from things that need to be done. Things like getting her diaper changed, and cleaning her room, and taking a shower, and reading scriptures. After a lot of yelling and spanking, one day I invented a game. And I learned that Grace will do anything that she thinks is a game. 

Almost all of these invented games are win-lose games (except for scripture study which we have turned into a many-act-play). And I usually let Grace win. 

I have created a problem.

Because tonight when Grace and I raced to the shower, I did not let her win. I actually ran. Which I really never do, by the way. And when she realized I was not slowing down, she yelled (in anger, not amusement), "No! Don't win, Mom!!" 

She tried to go faster, but tripped into the bathroom door. She rolled on the floor, grabbed her toe in pain, and through her tears sobbed, "Mommm.... Only Graces can win! [sob, sniff, sniff.]"

I think she was heart-broken to discover that she is not invincible.

I feel guilty.


  1. She sounds sooo much like my second child... I guess we all have to have at least one...

  2. It's okay for kids to experience a little disappointment once in awhile. It helps them learn.