Thursday, April 3, 2008

Speaking of Family Traditions

The first time I went rock crawling was before Brad and I were married. I think I was being initiated. Or tested. Or something. We started off on a bumpy road and paused in a small canyon where we met a group of other jeeps. Imagine my surprise when we left the dirt road and drove straight up the nearest boulder. No, surprise is the wrong word. Let's use sheer terror.

Last weekend we took our friends, Emily and Mike, up that same first trail. While clinging to the driver's seat in front of me, I turned to Mike and said, "You know, I've done this several times, but there's a point where I just start to freak out."

He returned, "Yeah, Elise. That point is 90 degrees."

Well said.

I'm not exactly sure how Emily felt about the whole thing. She kept looking back at me with wide eyes. She certainly behaved better than I did on my first time. I nearly wet my pants.

There's nothing like believing you're going to roll backwards in a jeep while going two miles per hour. It's scarier (and much more fun) than you would think.

For a quick video summary of rock crawling (on a trail that I have actually been on) click here.

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  1. Luckily the pictures were dark so you can't see the fear in my's an intense sport...geez