Friday, April 4, 2008



Grace somehow found a pair of scissors in the car and on our way to somewhere silently cut up her brand new pair of pants.

Grace was sent to her room for kicking Claire in the face and poured that "tall glass of water" from last night all over... everything.

I asked Grace to get a diaper so I could change her and in the two minutes she was gone she turned on the bathroom sink, emptied the bottle of handsoap, and soaked our toothbrushes and my makeup in soapiness.

Grace demanded a full meal about every half hour.

Claire and Grace drenched our new carpet in baby sweet potatoes.

My mastitis returned.

Happy Friday.


  1. Austin and I got a good kick from this list. So funny!! Love you...

  2. Yikes. That's about all I have to say.

  3. Girl, you gots to get a straight-jacket. (I'm going to be such a good mom, putting my children in restraining devices...sigh...)

    Saw your momma on Friday afternoon and it was lovely to see her.

  4. i don't find this list funny in the slightest. there is nothing funny about miscreant children and infected boobs. though you do seem to maintain somewhat of a sense of humor about it, which i admire entirely. kathryn says hi. i'm sure she'll do so herself one of these days, but her baby, though incapable of destroying clothing and soaping up toothbrushes, does demand a full meal nearly as often as grace does.

    love you, elise!

  5. first henry dumped a trail of powdered sugar from the kitchen to the living room. then he put all of our shoes in the garbage can (which wouldn't have been that horrifying, but i had just cleaned out the fridge, which wouldn't be that horrifying either, but i don't clean out the fridge until it's truly horrifying).

    who's up for a day at the spa?

  6. Are you alive? Just wanted to make sure that everything was ok. I'm needing an update on you guys asap.