Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Remember that photo a day resolution I made? I do. I had envisioned gorgeous artsy pictures and my photography skills madly improving. Turns out that it's just really easy to take photos on a camera. So that's what I end up doing.

But here are a few non-phone photos from the last few weeks/months. They aren't gorgeous, but they're fun.

1. This is Weston humoring me while I peruse Pottery Barn Kids. Wow I love that place. And he loved this scooter. And he tried to ride it. And then he broke it. Awesome.

2. This is rain. I grew up in a place where it was practically an everyday occurrence. In New Mexico land, rain is like fairy dust sprinkled from heaven. Once, during book club, when water started speckling my window, all 12 of us--I kid you not--dropped our books (and our plates of food) and ran outside to dance in the rain.

3.This is Claire at a friend's birthday party blowing bubbles.

So, with fresh eyes, Claire's hair in this picture looks orange. Don't know why. It's not like that in real life. I mean, it has a tiny orange tint, but Its blonde. It must have been the sunset light on it or something. Anyway.

The end.


  1. Why does she have redhair all of the sudden? I wish she really did. Cute pictures!

  2. Love it. You definitely have photography skillz!

  3. Claire? It's strawberry blonde. It can look pretty red sometimes.

  4. Lorraine, that was going to be my comment. her hair is red?? I always thought she was blonde. She sure looks cute.